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  1. I'm from Canada, and I LIKE CARS!!!!!!

    I also like train tracks, degreeing cams, and taking pictures.

    I know everything.

  2. I think I dislike you already
  3. train tracks like you too
    spend more time on them
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  4. someone said train wrecks?
  5. #$%#in' n00bs
  6. Hi this is martin..
  7. No you're not.
  8. Hello gud people ma name is Bruce from Zimbabwe thats in Africa hey.im into CARS thats y i joined you car freaks on this blog show me some luv mates

    regards Bruce
  9. hi bruce, luv u mate!
    so kool dident no zibwabme was in Africa OMG LOL!
    wat CARS do u liek?
  10. hi max
  11. Hi, myself Stewart form Delhi.

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