Helmet Contest! ZB vs. AD

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by MooSquad, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Vote! Which one looks better?
  2. 50/50, biatch.
  3. hahahahaha
  4. BTW, that's a great resize to minimize the ability to see AD's helmet. Here's a big pic for all the people who like cool helmets...
  5. Zsolt *cough*
  6. Shite.. you got me there
    BUT! 2/3 NOW!
  7. PLus, as demonstrated in the picture, Anthony can read. ZB can barely speak, from what I understand. Kimi could out-debate him in English.
  8. Not true not true, biaaaaaasssss, Zsolt out-debates Kimi with eeeaaaase
  9. Did you blow Veyron for a vote? That's cheating!!!
  10. *wipes my face* uh no
  11. 50/50 again.. hmm.. who shall I PM now..
  12. 60/40 for Davidson! 7:25EST
  13. 50/50! 7:26EST!
  14. Shite.. I forgot the password for JacquesVilleneuve, I know I have it written down somewhere..
  15. wipes penis....Zsolt
  16. Something tells me that my level of integrity just went below zero..
  17. Wow, Zsolts helmet is seriously a masterpiece
  18. 4/7 Zsolt 4:50pm whatever-time!
  19. Moo, you bastard.
  20. Seems that JV knows what right timing is. Seriously now, I asked admin to ban JacquesVilleneuve, asked that about 8 times now and still I can post with it..
  21. I like JV and MS posting, I hope they stay active. It's funny and harmless.
  22. Truth, worst is that I still don't know who MS is.
  23. Seriously? It has to be Panda.
  24. So there actually is an Anthony in the poll, first time I looked at it I didn't spot it....
  25. This, I think, is the first and last time I will ever vote for Zsolt in my life!

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