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  1. I was woundering if any one could tell me where to get and eagle talon (*cheap*). And i would like some tips on modifying the the car. I'm thinking of lowering the air dam and modifying the suspension and turbo.
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    I have an eagle Talon for sale. I live in Washington state. It is a 1991 TSI that runs 13's. I'm only asking 4000 dollars for it. The only catch is that it is the older body style. You could call it a sleeper since it looks slow but it can beat a corvette in the quarter mile if you turn the boost up to 25PSI. E mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.
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    Talk with club DSM and they will tell you the following: Get a AWD tsi or GSX they are the fastest. Period. They are also a great help with the specifics of how to mod a talon or any DSM and they can get great discounts on parts if you are a member.<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: help buying and modifying eagle talon .. the dsm club... you will find there all the info you need.
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    Well, to start u need a 3" turbo-back exhaust to free up A LOT of restriction(give or take 30 hp) as well as an intake. Next you will need to get rid of that shitty plastic BOV(if it is a 2G[95-99]) and the best/cheapest thing to do is just get a crushed 1G BOV. From there you r ready for a boost controller. Stock is 11 PSI and with the better BOV that won't leak at 12 PSI you can run 15-16 PSI safely on a completly stock engine. After the boost controller, the next thing to do would be a fuel system including a 200 + lph punp and at least some 550cc injectors. The fuel system is important to do before the turbo b/c the forced induction of the extra air of an aftermarket turbo is to much for the stock 450cc injectors and pump to handle.
    Now to play around with the air/fuel ratios, an AFC or AFR r a definate must...

    Once all that is done u should also invest in a good set of aftermarket I/C pipes, Greddy makes a good set of upper/lower pipes.
    Now is time for the turbo. It all really depends what u r looking for, power wise b/c there r so many options. The most commonly used and most reliable turbo that is also capable of 450 hp would be the T03/T04 AKA the hybrid. Lastly u should port your O2 housing and the turbo itself.

    With this setup u could expect an easy high 11, low 12
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    Speaking of which my 91'Laser RS AWD (Automatic Tranny) ran 11.94 @ 123mph

    Mods are:
    FP Green Turbo
    660cc injectors
    3in Turboback Exhaust(extrememotorsports system)
    Level 10 Race Automatic Trans
    Forges 8.5-1 pistons
    among others

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    Now its 11.08 at 131mph at 24lbs of boost... Can we say under pressure!!!
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    untill you get bigger injectors, the SAFC to handle them, and a walbro 255lph or supra fuel pump, do not go above 15 psi on pump gas. You can and likely be OK, but it can be risky. Other than that, what he said for the most part. A turbo to tip exahust and a second gen ex mani will be my first real addition.
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    Wow your car runs 11's but you still drive a friggin automatic. What is the point why not get a standard.
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    I just dropped in a 5-speed and my 1/4 mile went from 11.08 to 10.82 at 135mph
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    I just dropped in a 5-speed and my 1/4 mile went from 11.08 to 10.42 at 135mph
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    sorry phucked up the first message
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    Dont listen to him. He has no idea what hes talking about here.

    NT DSMs have weaker internals, less oil capacity, and none of the tranny, driveline to handle more power near as well as turbos.

    TT DSMS are slower than big turbo DSMs, this is a proven fact. The fastest street Talons/Eclipses/Lasers and VR-4 Galants are running turbos like the FP red, FP-30, Frankensteins and Big t78s and such, at the low 10s high 9s areas. No TT DSMs have gotten to such times. And if they do, it will be one freck that cost a lot to do versus a normal single turbo setup.

    And make your own exsaust at a local shop and save about 400 bucks over a full name brand system. It will work just as well and sound just as good.

    Generally, more contact patch is not needed. One member of CODSM ran a 12.02 on stock tire sizes. He tried going widder and it just made launching harder for his AWD. Oh and BTW, AWDs dont come in non-turbo form except for the Galant GSX, which is not nearly as moddable as this.

    Edit: HAHAHAHAHAaaa WM deleted his post about going TT. Dont talk out your posterior next time WM. You wont get owned so much.
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    i am looking to modify a 1997 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD: turbo upgrades, clutch, intake, exhaust, and many other modifcations. I want it to be an 11-12 second car. Any tips on modifications or imporvements i would appreciate(websites, companies)
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    There is a huge difference between an 11.0 car and a 12.99 car. Huge.

    That said, go with a mandrel 3 inch exsaust, from your local shop, and save a few hundred over lame arsed namebrand systems that cost 800 for a turbo to tip. This is the single best mod to do for 4g63ed cars.

    Find your local club DSM. You often get discounts if your a member, and they know everything about the cars.

    Go from there.

    Are you serious or just an internet racer?
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    Sup guys, i just bought a 95 talon tsi awd, i love it to death. i'm going to upgrade my clutch. i was wondering if you guys new any good, high performance reliable names out there for the tsi. i was looking into the centerforce dual force clutch assembly. i also was looking for a light flywheel. any help from anyone who knows what there talking about will be greatly appreciated.
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    Yeah, stay away from the centerforce DF clutch.
    most recommended is the ACT 2600.

    Pull the restrictor out of the slave cylinder too so you can feel the pedal better.

    Don't pull the BCS until you get a boost gauge. The factory one is NOT a boost gauge, just a happy needle to entertain the masses.
    That should be your first mod, often it isn't but it should be (bad me bad me)

    this website has all you need to know or try DSMtalk or DSMtuners for basic help and repair help.

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