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  1. it doesnt work that way, a quad 1.8 is faster than a single 3ghz.

    you should get a quad 2.4 if you an though, mad fast, and will be even better with newer games/apps that take advatage of it.
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  3. why would you need more? actually i dont know what the 12v rail goes to, or in fact what any of them do....
  4. The CPU, hard drives, disk drives, larger fans (although most fans will run on the 5 rail), and the video cards (either through the PCIe slot or through an external connector). Although most of these draw current from 5v and 3.3 volt rails as well, most of it is 12v.

    Although the three 18a rails on the Antec are not generated separately, they do sum to much more real-world power to the Raidmax regardless. And the fact that Raidmax doesn't list the temperature at which those ratings are measured at is a bit sketchy.
  5. ...well ive had no problems with it. and i have alot of components going. 2 hard drives, 3 optical drives...
  6. Well, I like to have overhead with PSUs. That's just me, though. It's sort of like insurance - couple bucks extra that'll stop the expensive stuff from going under.

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