help they' ve gone mad

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  1. man somebody go tell the designers of the hummer h2 to come back to the original drawing of the h1 don't even touch the exterieur of that sweet car. stick to the old model and just improve the technical aspects of this monster on the road. it is the ultimate 4X4 and it should stay like this.
    example: the range rove hasn't changed from looks in the last 30 years and the sucker is still cruising around.
    hummer do the same.
    don't touch the model
    just improve the technical aspects.
    give it even more BHP
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    yeah but land rover came out with the discovery too. main purpose-to be more affordable, which the H2 is hummers discovery.
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    ok, you're right. if you look it that way.
    but still, give my the h2 instead of a discovery,(ugly as the night)
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