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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sokmyballs69, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. yeah i really have to do good in my history class and for the first day our teacher gave us this quote and we have to draw something write a poem or song lyrics or something for it. heres the quote: "history is yours. It is not owned or written by someone else for you to learn. It's being made by you right now, standing in this place, thinking about everything that you have experienced in your life so far. It is your rage, your sympathy, your understanding." well thats it btw im posting this for my account McTed its just that he doesnt have enough posts to make a thread yet. erm yeah im really tired from running and i really need some help with this i gotta get something clever. any ideas?
  3. lol alrite im ere with McTed maybe i was able to make a thread i dunno sokmyballs69's posts are only 99 i thought u needed 100. alrite so far ive got nothing:s
  4. i love how you said, "its just that he doesnt have enough posts to make a thread yet." like he was a seperate entity.
  5. song lyrics? just cut your wrist, go ino the closet, cry, and write it. it'll be easy
  6. well he is.
  7. Turn this in.
  8. do your own homework, you #$%#ing retard.
  9. ive tried drawing st00fs but it usually looks like this so i dont think im gonna draw.
  10. Wipe your ass on a sheet of paper and be like "this is what i think of this ASSignment"
  11. Poem for teacher:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This poem is history
    Just like your sex life since your husband left you for a younger more attractive woman, and because your arms jiggle when you wave.
  12. yeh i think im facked on this.
  13. she wants me btw look wat questions she provided after.1. who are you introduce youreslf to me.
    2. what are your strengths? weaknesses?
    3. do you have any health issues i should know about?
    4. is there anything else you want me to know about you?
    5. how can i help you to be succesful in this class?
  14. fuuuuck shutup
  15. f you
  16. I hated homework like that, its shit. Just take the punishment it will be less hassle.
  17. alrite ill just write some bullshit thx anyways.
  18. pac-man + tapeworm
  19. are you like 10 or something?

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