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Discussion in 'Technical' started by FORDFORD, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. my 84 nissan patrol wont start. haha #$%#en #$%#. everything is happening its just not firing up, like the starter motor is going. every now and a again when i try it will sort of start but stop strait after, i am thinking that it is something restrictin fuel into the cylinder. anyone got any ideas?
  2. Is it diesel or petrol?
  3. fuel filter partialy plugged?
    pump not pumping?

    try pouring gas in from the top and starting it
  4. Get someone to look and see if its using any fuel.
  5. Just sell it and put the money towards a new truck, unless the thing has a lot of sentimental value its just not worth the trouble
  6. So if he can get his truck running for the price of a $6 filter and 20 minutes of trouble shooting its not worth it?
  7. most people give up to easy

    just spray starting fluid in it
    if it fires, then dies, you have no fuel
    if it doesn't fire, you have no spark, and possibly no fuel

  9. I guess this kid doesnt have to work for his money yet? It's not that easy to get a car as you took my parents 1 month to discuss pricing and exchange of my old car and leasing terms and financing....

    I may be 15 but my dad made me work so I can pay for my aint like ok my bike is messed lets get a new one daddy...
    When you work and buy your own things you will start realizing stuff...

    (BTW : The age of you seems to be young due to your name AMG"rulz")

    Yes I do love Amg but it Rules not Rulz...
  10. Sorry if your age is not a factor, or im wrong of anything else...but that was the dumbest comment I have seen on in awhile....

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