Hennessey Tuned Bugatti Veyron

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by jnestory, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Those rims do not have sufficient bling.
  2. Ha, that's the one.

    New version.
  3. Oh dear.
  4. lol i cant beleave that some1 would actualy try and make this car any better i thnik that it perfict the way it is who could coplain with 1001BHP
  5. Guys, someone left open the door to the indies.
  6. sox
  7. lol

    Also, a new exhaust wouldn't actually change that amount of power coming out of the engine right? It's just more efficient at getting power out of it, and to the wheels...or something.
  8. No.
  9. NOS and dual superchargers that override the turbos at low rpm and then is bypassed by the turbos at high rpm awd and replace any metal thats not titanuim with titanium. bigger exhuast colder intercoolers. bore out the block with bigger heads. u could prolly get the hp to double haha.
  10. exhaust is part of parasitic loss... lets say a car has its power rated at the crank, which means it was ran on a dyno (just engine).. when its actually in the car (ATWHP/RWHP) then pulleys, exhaust, weight, and other things nip its power down.. so the answer is sort of yes.. exhaust actually can "free" power... or something like that.

    bigger exhaust is not always better, if you go to big then engine loses compression and even more parasitic loss is the result.
  11. What kind of idiot would do this?
  12. htey donĀ“t have the expertise to change more than that on the Veyron!
  13. you serious?
  14. It's obviously complete bullshit, no one who can buy a Veyron would be so stupid to have it modified by Hennessey or modified in general.
  15. Hennessy just wants to steal a Veyron.
  16. An american?

    I doubt Hennessey has even been able to get their hands on a Veyron to even DO a new exhaust system....

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