Hennessey Venom GT Is World's Fastest Car

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    Hennessey Venom GT Is World's Fastest Car At 270.49 MPH (435.31 Km/H)

    Hennessey has done it again, improving the claimed record-holding top speed of its Venom GT to 270.49 miles per hour (435.31 km/h). The record run was made on February 14 on the 3.22-mile (5.1 km) landing runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The speed was confirmed by a Racelogic Vbox telemetry system, but for a variety of reasons, it will not make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. However, it narrowly beat out the record-holding top speed of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at 267.81 mph (430 km/h).

    Amazingly, the 1,244-horsepower Venom GT was still accelerating even as it reached 270 mph (435 km/h), but the length of the runway limited how far the coupe could be pushed. Driver Brian Smith only had about 2.6 miles (4.1 km) to complete his run because it took nearly a kilometre (0.62 miles) to slow the car to 70 mph (112 km/h). "It was still pulling. If we could run on an eight-mile oval, we could go faster than that," said Smith to Top Gear.

    Even if the hypercar had gone faster, Guinness would not have certified it as a record. To qualify, a car must complete two runs in opposite directions with the average speed serving as the record time. The Venom was only able to complete one because that is all NASA would allow, and even that took two years of negotiations according to founder John Hennessey. It still wouldn't matter, though, because Guinness now stipulates that 30 examples are required to certify a car as a "production vehicle." Hennessey is only building 29 Venoms and has sold 11.

    Still, the Venom GT is already Guinness-certified as the world's quickest car to 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) at 13.63 seconds, and the company says that its next goal is to begin setting lap records with it at tracks around the world. Click link to watch in-car video of the Venom GT breaking the record.

  2. Not as fast as the speed at which I lost interest in reading this.
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  4. I wanna see it burst into flame on the Nurburgring.
  5. yet it still isn't faster than the engineering masterpiece that is the Koenigsegg Agera

    you can't even explain that
  6. "next goal is to begin setting lap records". That would only be possible if they avoid going against the 918, P1, LaFerrari, and especially the One:1.
  7. So is it the Eleven?
  8. wait is the Agera or the One1 the newest Koenigsegg
  9. proper guffaw
  10. It's the same car
  11. because koenigsegg have a reputation for setting lap records...
  12. the 11 is just an agera with a stupid wing for a chinese person
  13. One:1 is the newest and most hardcore car Ksegg ever produced, it's a proper track weapon.
  14. RagingBalls should be a writer for one of those daytime TV shows on Speed that is half show and half product placement.
  16. I have grown to like the car. Sure it is a bit kit car, but done from fun incredients.
  17. so its not at all the worlds fastest car then
  20. it's only like, half a mph faster than the veyron SS managed in one of it's two runs (which, let's remember, it had to do to get an average which was used for the official record)

    and the veyron wasn't rattling itself to pieces at top speed. from the in-car shots of the venom you can see it trying to undress itself when it really get up to speed.

    at the end of the day, the venom is a glorified kit car
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    Not going to do shit on the NRing. Willing to bet it wont beat the 918 LaFerrari or the P1 and it still has 200-300 plus hp on them. Koenigsegg doesnt even register they suck at almost everything.
  22. Even better answer lol
  23. Yea I was thinking the same thing. I want buggatti to go out there on a windy day and set a ridiculous speed with the SS and a backwind to show how pointless the top speed run is when measured only in one direction.

    Furthermore, by Guinness's own metric, the SSC Ultimate Aero should never have been the world's fastest car unless they built 30 of them, which I sort of doubt.

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