Hennessey Venom GT Is World's Fastest Car

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by V8stangman, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Good point, I seriously doubt they made 30 of those shite boxes too. Lol this Hennessey video is fUcking hilarious though, they literally juxtapose this to the moon landing... .ahahahahaha

    edit: that link's the same one as the link V8stang posted but if you didn't see it, watch it. Hilarity ensuesssss
  2. unfortunately, these companies can protect their reputation by not track testing them, making claims, and then leaving it to their buyers to back up those claims which they never seem to do...

    To this day, I'm convinced the Saleen S7R could win in a race because versions with half the power have proven decent on a race track.. don't know what lalala or mclean or porch 9999 track record looks like cause, if we're honest, they have the guts to run their basic cars all day long, but their hypercars go out, set one fast lap on n-ring, and everyone takes that as gospel as to how it does everywhere under all conditions.

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