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  1. Hennesseys are the best tuned Vipers around. With all the HP under the hood, I would think the RPMs would be around 9000.<!-- Signature -->
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    They are nice, the new lingenfelter corvette is nice 1.97 0-60 and 802BHP. you should see the corvette VS. F/A 18 thing.<!-- Signature -->
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    that corvette doesn't hold a flame to the hennessey viper venom 800tt Grand Touring official stats: quote : 0-60 in 2.0, 0-100 in 4.1, and an incredible top speed of 272.2 thats not motor trend stats and slicks weren't allowed.: unquote :
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    Thats the beauty of the Viper, you don't have to damn near redline your car to get some performance, thats the problem with these European cars.
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    Yeah I have seen the dynos, hp max is around 4800.
  6. they are also made by a man who is a theif and also makes his cars go BOOM after only a few months or so.

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