Here it is: Cadillac's flagship - the CT6

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    Dramatic Hydra tranny
  2. I really like the flat finish of the wood trim. But all the blackish grey plastic shot should at least be piano blackborbsomething. Flat wood with gloss plastics looks great. Too much gloss isn't good. But too much flat isn't either. And I think that's what makes this interior not look as nice as it should. If any of my rambling makes sense
  3. The problem is that the competition looks like this.

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  4. Chrysler 200 interior looks just as good
  5. That looks awful.
  6. Eh, it's subjective.

    I'd still be willing to bet that to sit in both cars would reveal the Mercedes' superior quality.
  7. I dunno man, I just think it should and could have been so much more.

    This was Cadillac's self-fueled chance to make a gigantic statement and make you forget about MB, BMW, Audi, etc... I was hoping for innovative, interesting, fresh. What we got looks more like a 2016 DeVille than anything.

    It looks fine. It doesn't look 'ooh', or 'ahh', or 'holy crap that is cool'. Maybe my hopes were just too high.

    And I definitely don't think it appeals to a younger audience more than its competitors. It looks like an older man's car, which is okay I guess. Of course I'd drive it and enjoy it, but I'd rather one of the other three before the Caddy.
  8. I think it looks fine, but I understand what you're saying.

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