Here's a good tuning:

Discussion in '1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 ‘Phase II SR’' started by lurbo, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Because this car is powerless here's a good tuning that would make me to respect it:
    1st stage:Change of breaks(put Brembo) with some aerodynamics helps and change of tires and put Pirelli PZero better suspensions
    2nd stage:Better exhaust pipe 10hp+
    3rd stage:Chip tuning 30hp+
    4th stage:Make the engine DOCH 35hp+
    5th stage:4valves per cylinder 30hp+
    6th stage:Change of the compression ratio 30hp+
    7th stage:Better intake air system 40hp+
    8th stage:Make it twincam 30hp+
    Total hp:655hp 0-100km/h:3,7seoconds
    What do you think?
    If we'd put also twinturbos(1,0bars) it would gain +/-105hp plus 2intercoolers of 55hp
    Total hp:815hp 0-100km/h:3,2seconds
  2. Re: Here's a good tuning:

    415 horses isn't powerless.

    Changing over to DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder is not really a tuning. It's a major redesign of the engine, and one that is cost prohibitive.

    The Viper below is a supercharged Gen I Viper and already makes 846 RWHP. That's nearly 1000 hp at the crank. No DOHC, no 4 valves per cylinder.
  3. You could easly get some serious performance of basic bolt ons. Just by putting on an after market exhaust it would make it faster than the SRT-10 and Z06.

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