Here's an Idea: Reintroductions?

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  1. Kiri. Joined at 19, now 32. (Jesus). Active for a couple of years. Non active for a lot more. Lurked a lot out of curiosity in the interim. Still in Austin. Work in logistics for a wine distributor. Have a two year old son, getting divorced. Never happier.
  2. It looks like there's something coming up there in Nov(ish), but I want to pass on it if I can. I've been on the road for 2 years and just want some time at home.
  3. you werent there. we went to some wine walking thing in downtown san mateo. adrian got told to pour out his mickeys tall can and he was mad
  4. it is, but they knew each other before they joined the site
  5. yeah, at least he doesn't have his 944 on
    yeha, we went to highschool together. i remember meeting Franklin I think; it was so long ago.
  6. I joined the same day as veyronman. I think I was 14 and I'm 28 now. I'm a sous at a restaurant in Boston but I'm moving to Houston next month with my girlfriend. Because we both don't care much for this city and her plan is to get into law school at UT Austin.

    Such a long way from playing around on the forums when I was in high school
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    I had to go to page 2 to find this! It's been a long time since that happened. I forgot to add to this, so here's me:

    You all know me, but for those who don't. I'm James, I'm turning 30 very soon, and I'm from Nottingham in England. I share the experiences of many in that I joined in the Indies when I was 15 in December 2001. I'm sure most of, if not all of the reason for signing up was to argue with someone. It took me a couple of weeks of hitting the 10 post per day limit until I found the main forum and well, here I am 100k posts and one tattoo later. I realised recently that in December this year I will have spent half of my life on this site.

    I had a couple of attempts at starting a degree, but both times I dropped out quite early, so I just went into menial office work for quite a while. Two years ago I started working for Highways England in a motorway control room which I genuinely love, and I can see myself doing for some time to come. Essentially I sit in front of multiple screens all day at work, then I come home and I do it again on here. Without going into huge detail about my job, basically I shout at people I see on CCTV, and set the signs that everyone ignores warning drivers of closed lanes or debris, or oncoming vehicles (happens!). The role supports colleagues who patrol in 4x4 vehicles who attend scenes of crashes, debris, breakdowns, pedestrians, animals, closing the motorway and supporting emergency services during big incidents. Jeremy Clarkson refers to them as the Traffic Wombles, but he's talking nonsense as usual.

    I drive a diesel Mk3 Ford Mondeo. LX base model, with three missing wheel trims. It was dented whilst I was in New York last year, and I haven't had it fixed yet. It's a workhorse, and it's comfortable. I yearn for a Porsche or a Lotus, but I think I have to buy a house first. I may swap the mondeo for an MX-5 in the interim, however.

    Regarding my involvement in the site, I've met a number of members over the years. I think approaching 30. I think the last proper count was 27 but I've met at least one more person since then. I'm going to send some Facebook messages out to see if anyone's still interested! Recent developments mean I may soon be more involved in the site, and to be honest I'm relishing the prospect. It will be interesting to see where the site goes.
  8. <Picture of tattoo goes here>
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  9. Haha, you know I actually forget I have it sometimes. In my defence I came home from a night shift 3 hours ago and I still haven't slept.
  10. I'm Eigil. I joined years ago. Raced some bikes, some moto, some baja. Did my stinnt in the very-mockable Coast Guard. Have been electronifying the three-letter agencies of the US government for 6 yearsish. I still drive pickups, when not travelling the world for my uncle, Sam.

    Oh yeah, 31, dude, San Diego. Or however this works.

    Story Time!
  11. Sounds like we found our lemons driver.
  12. Real name Ed, you may remember me from my appearance as one of the first SC memes, circa 2001/02 with me in my Pep Boys' mechanics shirt, Wayne Static chin pubes and the tagline "I just jizzed".

    Think I originally joined around 99/00, started in the Indies in the Ford GT forum. Made my way to the main forums shortly after that. Around 2003 went on a fucking roadtrip with FireRed (Eva), emphasis on the fucking part. She did a good job hiding her real age (She was 35 then and I was 20) and the fact she still lived with her mom. Had to put a ring on it to get her to go back to Canada.

    Spent the past 14 years working in automotive retail parts/service (Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts), most of it in store management, now a Parts Manager at a GM dealership.

    Owned a number of the vehicles over the years. 1984 F-150, 2003 Mazda6, 2008 Dodge Caliber, !980 Pontiac Bonneville, 1994 Mazda B3000, 2003 Ford Taurus, 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 2007 BMW 328i, 2011 Hyundai Genesis Sedan and 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350. Next purchase will probably be an E46 330Ci ZHP with SMG for a Spec E46 build.

    Currently two on-going projects. First one is assisting a team developing a swap kit to put the Hyundai Tau 4.6L V8 and ZF 6HP26 automatic into the Genesis Coupe, see attached pic. The swap has been done before for SEMA cars but never in an actual running condition or available for public purchase. Second project will probably result in the startup of a company with two close friends. We are taking an Eaton M122 supercharger with a four-core Laminova air-to-water intercooler and adapting it to the Tau 4.6L V8.

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  13. *cue someone posting the old meme*
  14. Jesus, I joined a couple weeks over 16 years ago I think. I'm 30 now, live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with a couple friends. Still working in the restaurant industry but probably about to go into the spirits business shortly. Girlfriend lives in the neighborhood. Have become a hardcore american whiskey nerd/collector/trader. Still smoke weed everyday. Still listen to vinyl records. Still don't see a need to own a car. Life is great.
  15. Do you still have the picture of me holding the ball of mozz?

    Everyone should have to post a current picture next to an old meme of themselves.
  16. I've got a whole bunch, and I'm sure that's in there somewhere. I can't find the external HD they're all on, though.

    I should contact PandaBeat. He had a really big collection
  17. Insert pandasis comment here
  18. Bet she has sprouted into a nice pandawoman by now.
  19. Whenever PandaBeat is mentioned I always think of his reaction video to Luke's multi-part video that he made explaining god-knows-what
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  20. sc (208).jpg
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  21. fkin hell hahaha.
  22. I'm really ticked off that I lost all my cred. I was a goddamned gold starred supercar messiah with a decade's worth of post history.
  23. Holy shit. You!
  24. V8 has asked the question in the mod forum. I'll keep you posted. I haven't seen anyone else who has suffered this problem yet so It's hard to figure out what may have caused it, but stay tuned!

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