Hetzen take some notes

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  1. That's a 235 on a 17x11 with +29 offset

  2. What? What the #$%#?

    Who does this? Mexicans?
  3. No, people who wear upsided down sun visors at night and 3 polos with all the collars popped. In other words, the water cooled VW crowd
  4. should have done 225s
  5. wtf is this
  6. what the #$%#. Do people actually seriously think this looks good? How can such stupid people make enough money to do something so stupid.
  7. I'm usually a big fan of dropped VWs on BBS wheels, but this just takes it wayyy too far. Looks really awful. Waste of a good car and some nice wheels.
  8. bring on the potholes !
  9. I dont know i kind of like it
  10. It's proper fitment.
  12. Tires/wheels are too small?
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  14. Does anyone see the appeal with this?
  16. Hetzen/VWVortex does.
  18. It's so backwards to me... With me, I'm trying to fit the widest tire I can onto a wheel (the widest that's safe, makes sense, etc...). That's what the wheels are there for.

    EDIT: Which is why I put tires that are 3+ inches wider on a wheel that's half an inch narrower and tires 2 inches wider on a wheel two inches narrower.
  19. All euro cars in europe roll like that
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    you dont like?

    stretching tyres started in the japanese tuning scene were they call it "hipari". the drift boys started stretching tyres as less sidewall flex was generated, allowing them to break traction easier. also, because there's a lot less side wall flex, the transition from say a left drift to right becomes alot smoother.
    euro styling scene has taken this to get there ideal stances for the cars, also seen alot in the dub scene as above.

    this website shows the outcomes of most size tyres stretched...
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    few more
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    Okay, it makes sense for drifting then. That doesn't mean that you don't look like a tool when you do it though.

    I'd mock someone if I saw this.
  23. hahahah
  24. you try to prove a point with a saxo ? hahahaha

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