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    i know that no one will believe i drove one of these, but might as well tell you. Sure it was only to valet it, but i made sure i took the long way to the back of the parking lot.
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    Carmaven18, my mate owns a V8 Esprit, and it is heaven to me!! It made me think again about 911 turbos!! And to all these Corvette lovers, GET OVER YOURSELVES!! The Lotus will toy with the Z06 Vette like a cat with a mouse!! Also the 1/4 mile time here is incorrect. I know this cause my mate (with me in the passenger seat) beat 2 proven 12.9sec 1/4 mile running cars (both 200sx/Silvia turbos, 1 S14 model, the other an S15) at the same time by 5 car lengths. 2500rpm on the dial, and VOOM!! Off we were, ahead by 3 cars in a flash and out to 5cars by the end of the straight. Raptor, although the Esprit V8 isn't what Colin Chapman envisaged, he doesn't have Jack shít to say about this, PROTON DOES as they OWN LOTUS!! And I can say that the V8 Esprit can handle as well if not better than most other cars. It's a weapon. C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    exactly mafia boy. Sure the corvette is a nice domestic powerhouse, but the esprit looks a hell of a lot better. It has a true euroean look to it, and drives much better than the big heavy corvette. I'd rather have an esprit than two vettes any day.

    oh ya, is it just me or did chevrolet copy the the mazda RX-7 when they were making the new corvette. The newer gen RX-7 has been around since '93, the new corvette deisgn wasn't around till far after. Go look at the pictures and see for yourself.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 300ZXmaniak</i>
    <b>If your gonna spend over 100k on a car, make it worth your while, these cars cost about in the lower 80's to high 90's for one of these. they are great cars, don't buy that expensive corvette, it won't be able to match the shear awesomeness of this car!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    If I had 100,000 USD to spend on a car , I'll go to Great Britain and buy a Tuscan R
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    The only time that the Vette is going to win is in a straight line drag. Then again the standard Elise is only just beaten round the Lotus test track by the Esprit and the Elise has only 120BHP. So I think that shows you where Lotus future is.

    The bottom lines is it ok to like both cars as both were engineered to production by Lotus. <!-- Signature -->
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    Porschenut, nice pic of nogger for ur avatar.

    These cars are amazing. I personally want a 95 S4s, because i can acutally afford one in a few years. They are fast and relatievly cheap. The z06 is alot more reliable and cheaper to service, but its just not a lotus. Next to ferrari, i like these the best. I'll never forget my ride in one, so much power. It was a Esprit sport 350, which is the track version. Also, esprits are legal here, its the elises that arent, at least not yet. Below is me with the sport 350.
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    This is a sweet car. They have a hella nice interior and exterior. The V8 sounds nice as hell and I had the pleasure (per say) of racing one and getting my ass kicked. I have also lost to a new Z06. Both of the cars are better at certain things. The vette will perform better but the lotus looks better and is more prestigous (if thats a word). As for the vette being a pos, that was just saturated with ignorance. My ex-boss had a ferrari and it was in the shop at least once a month ( it was an early ninteys testa rosa i think). And to top that off 80-90% of the vettes ever made are still on the street (from some TV show on speed vision, american muscle car i think). So the vette is far from a pos.<!-- Signature -->
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    godbleesferrari i agree the vettes do suck and i would take a ferrari over this lotus he he he<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from WS6 Trans Am</i>
    <b>Actually the z06 does beat this.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Beat it??? Please explain!! In drag, on a track! You cant just say that the z06 beats it!!! Explain where!!<!-- Signature -->
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    this car rules. in real life and in videogames!<!-- Signature -->
  11. LOOK!!!

    Take a side view of this car or any newer esprit and then get a pic of a 1996 Subie SVX and they look the same and the subie has the same power to weight ratio.

  12. question for eLecTro and other Lotus Esprit fans...

    i jus want to know what Esprit are turbo-charged and does this model still have a turbo-charged engine or have they gone all n/a?. thanks for ur help!<!-- Signature -->
  13. I have this car

    Yeah, its painted black with a tan leather interior. It's pretty cool, too. I took a spin in it and I reached 180 mph.

    No really, I have the Hot Wheels version.
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    was the speed scaled down ?
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    lol, I got that Hot Wheels for Christmas (it's still in it's packaging, I collect non Domestic replica's below 1/38th scale)
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    Who cares what colin Chapman didn't want in a car,THe Esprit is by far the Best Damn production lotus ever!
    And if this car never existed i wouldn't really care for Lotus all that much,I mean I like the Elise to but come on man,that's not a real car,more like a kit car,lol.
    This here's the real deal!

    L O T U S
    E S P R I T

    R UL E Z!
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    well this Esprit is street legal in North America!
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    the z06 doesn't beat shit!
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    I didn't really think you owned one,lol.
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    Well the vette is technically a little cheaper like 50-60k(w/e)but
    you are totaly right,don't waste your money on a vette,instead buy a masterpiece for only a little more,heh(if you can call about 40k more a little)lol
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    You care to prove any that,or are you going to keep talking out of your rear end?lol
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    I not only like it,I love it! Oh and to the person who said,it does not look good in black,I think it looks awesome in black,but hey that's your opinion.
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    I care to reply - the 01 zo6 was capable of doing 0-60 is 4.2 - 4.4 seconds...the 02 is less. The z06 is capable of pulling 1.0 plus g's on a track and it is still cheaper than a lotus. Stock the zo6 will beat this car, and with the 30grand I would save in purchasing this rather than a lotus, I could go purchase a low pressure supercharger and really smoke this car. I realize that many people do not like american rides, but don't hate the car...hate it's game!!! Wether many of you like it or not the z06 is a mean ride that will beat many cars in it's price range and 3times it price. Also, I would take a z06 over a lotus any day.

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