Hey all you rich people out there

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Esprit V8' started by SuperSonic, Aug 9, 2002.

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    hey you all talk about the lotus being 30 grand more.
    but believe me.thats not the case in england.(and some other european countrys)
    and any way the lotus handles better on those english
    country roads.
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    hey password please

    i thought u lived in england.
    so domestics for you(and me)
    would be lotus's, tvr's
    jags and so on.
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    True. In England, a brand spanking new Esprit costs about 50 grand, and a Corvette costs about 60 grand. So in reality, these two cars probably cost a very similar figure to produce. I'm afraid thats where the similarites end though. Lotus spend most of their R & D budget on making their cars handle. The lotus test track is like a pile of spaghetti, its all twists and turns.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the Corvettes test track was a dragstrip.

    American Cars are great, and they have some nice designs, but its just a clash of cultures. In Europe their are more racetracks than dragstrips. America is a land of bigger and better. Most European cars never claim to "kick yo ass" or "chew you up". But on the track, Europe is still decades ahead of America. My uncle used to have a Pontiac Trans Am, and it felt like it could pull a train with it. Power all over the place. But when it came to braking, and then turning a corner, a golf cart would have been more successful.
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    You might, just maybe have shot off the line if the Lotus driver forgets green means go. However, in a corner the corvette gonna be like "Where'd the other car go?", because it will sitting in a ditch flipped upside down, because it can't handle like the Lotus Esprit.
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    Riiiight. Power isn't everything. What's important is: Usable power vs.Handling. I'm sorry but an SVX isn't going to handle anywhere close to the Lotus. The Lotus's mid-engine and weight distribution, not to mention Lotus is known for handling, with it V8 TT, is going to rule every corner on any track.
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    sorry man but i would rather buy a 04 STI and with the $20K or so i would save, i would soup that baby up and really kill your chevy.. but that's just my personal opinion.
  7. ($55k Z06) + ($15k supercharger) + ($20k tires/suspension) = complete and utter destroyage of the lotus in every possible measurable way track/strip/skidpad/dyno/you name it.

    I would still LOVE to own a v8 turbo but only for the same reason i would like to own a f355: they're pretty and exotic; they belong on carpets, not racetracks.

    So all you elitists can shut up.

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