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  1. So I used to post here a few years ago. Guess my old account got deleted. So how's everyone been and whats new? BTW I really like format of the site / forum. It was definitely due for an update and this is nice!

    Also this be JSpencerFan23 for all those who remember me lol.
  2. Welcome back. Can't say I remember you, but you should feel right at home. Everybody's old and bitter, but a lot less troll-ish.
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  3. Welcome black.
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  4. I knew I recognised your avatar. Welcome back.
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  5. Thanks for the warm greeting guys! Its good to see some of the veterans are still here!
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    Hi I am newbie here. Happy to join your community, found a lot of useful information
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  7. Hi friends,
    I am also new to this Forum,
  8. Lol no more kpx​

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