Hey everybody

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by w00t, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. hello.
  2. You got banned from SBN?

    Honestly I don't know why, sounds dumb. I'll ask someones
  3. But why did I not get banned on SBN?
  4. But why did I not get banned on SBN?

    EDIT: Oh shit, right, it's because I'm awesome.
  5. everyone is banned from sbn? Too funny.
  6. maybe esp was annoyed by the fact he kept on doing it regardless of subject matter?
  7. Lol you too...

  8. Why didn't you learn your lesson?

    Make thread > thread deleted

    Ok, maybe just one more time?

    Make thread again > thread deleted > get banned

    Hmm.... I'm starting to see a pattern here, but one more time, just for the hell of it!

    Make thread again > thread deleted > get deleted
  9. fo realz dawg
  10. he has no right to delete my thread.
  11. if it serves no purpose but to just be an arse and poke fun at someone, then it's definitely a candidate to be deleted.
  12. I was in Köln in August on Kompakt/total 10
  13. I was also in Amsterdam
  14. you've changed so much since i last saw you here.
  15. you have a nice hand
  16. Hi Lado

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