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Discussion in '1998 Jensen S-V8' started by Basil Fuknuts, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. After reading the "British sports cars suck" etc thread, I wrote this.

    I am fed up with how people pidgeonhole cars, according to their country of origin. Stop generalising, please.

    The Austin Allegro was a lousy car. That makes Jaguar, for example, rubbish too? Just because both companies are of English origin? Grow up!

    And generalising manufacturers is a bad idea. How about Mercedes Benz? While they have built some stunning cars over the years, they also gave us the A Class, which it turned out, could turn turtle if you changed direction too quickly.

    Here's another, Chevrolet; the Corvette is an all time great, with a loyal following. All from the same company who gave us the wayward handling Corvair, the car that prompted consumer crusader Ralph Nader to write the contraversial book, 'Unsafe At Any Speed'.

    And some of you take a geography lesson. Britain is in Europe too.

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