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  1. Nah, I actually feel pretty shit about myself, my ex did a number on my mental health.
  2. You can see IP's here??
  3. You can't?
  4. Yeah, I do. Only mods were able to see IP's, not regular members.
  5. Yeah, I'm feeling better since she left, tbh, putting tons of effort into a relationship and being told that expecting her to reciprocate is to much to ask really does a number on one's self esteem.

    Getting punched in the face by a girl also kinda sucks too.

    I'm talking to someone now though.
  6. She sounds like the sort of person to stay clear of tbh. People who think it's all about them in a relationship are basically shitty people.
  7. Yeah, I learned a lot and I'm better off. I just need to rebound now.
  8. I was actually talking more about the BOTSCNM. Which I'm for. Despite being a perennial division champ at best.
  9. What that?

    I think I missed the era of whatever that is.
  10. It was a while ago. Best Of The SCN Members. There were a series of polls, and in the end someone came first.
  11. Looking forward to coming dead last.
  12. Don't worry, hemistage will surely be included. He's a shoe-in for the wooden spoon.
  13. because some people are #$%#ing nerds
  14. ah yes exes that mentally/physically abuse you and have you think you're the crazy person. i've been through that.

    i know how you feel bro *hug*
  15. You know, when I read threads like this and see responses from people who have experienced similar crazy #%[email protected], it makes me glad that I'm gay.

    Guys, for the most part, don't do the psychological thing.
  16. Most girls are not like that though. Most exes i had a relatively normal relationship with. Just one was crazy as #$%#. Really egoistic, constantly switching between adoring me and kicking me down, incredibly bad moodswings(happy 30 mins, crying 30 mins after, happy again 30 mins later), not wanting to have sex etc. She has mental issues. She still stalks me(sort of)
  17. is she bipolar or something?
  18. i think borderline.

    she told me she went to a psychologist one time, but it didn't help, so all psychologists are frauds by default lol. she never wanted to tell me what was wrong though(apart from the fact that she was sexually abused or something)
  19. Holly shit, me and my girlfriend after having sex started talking about some random shit in bed.

    After a while we got to talking about pets and she suggested a bird. Me being someone who only likes bird when the are cooked disagreed but suggested a dog, something like a doberman.

    She then sat straight up in bed, teary eyed as anything and started telling me this story she reckons she has never told anyone before.

    About how when she was seven walking to school in some town in QLD with her then friend a pack of dobermans, about three, jumped a fence and started chasing them.

    She then said the two of them ran to a tree and just as she got up a doberman grabbed a hold of her friends leg and held her to the ground.

    Well, you know how little children are when they are in extreme circumstances, the go into the fetal position scarred shitless.

    By now my girl was bawwwling her eyes out but continued anyway. She said how she saw in horror each one of these dogs rape the living shit out of her friend, how there was blood everywhere and how she saw the dogs red cock ripping into her friends cum dripping pussy.

    Supposedly after the dogs had their way with the girl they all just walked off, but the girl was in shock, and a week later my girlfriend said that she didnt want anything to do with her friend that let a bunch of dogs gang rape her.

    After telling this whole story she said how at the age of 10 her friend started cutting herself with a broken mirror and had scribbled my girlfriends name everywhere in the bathroom.
  20. what

    #%[email protected] be crazy. but yeah mine was a cutter too.
  21. Birds are the worst.
  22. #$%# birds, seriously. What an annoyance to have inside
  23. what is life
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    Someone's talkin to you too


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