hey i have an idea

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by delsolstreetracerkid25, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. well i've been a dumbass reading all these #$%#in forums where everyone gets in a fights........there is not one forum where its okay and they just talk about cars..(and if theres one...#$%# you!)
    Its pretty fun gettin into these fights ive started some of them myself by tellin people the DEL SOL is the fastest and has a big turbo and all this other shit.....come on everyone is so stupid by writing a cheap as, long essay (kinda like mine....lol)...tryin to make peace ......well i say #$%# everyone even you!........Here is the idea SUPERCARS.NET has a meeting with everyone in the world that is on the forum like in a big open area like say a desert or somthing
    ...then everyone takes a side like exotics japanese american ...and so on...then they hand out some microphones to people in every side
    and each side starts a debate like........the sledgehammer rules!..
    or the skyline is the best! and then everyside gets all fired up and we all just go at it!!!!!!!!!!.....ah it'll be #$%#in bad i have a camera we can film it and sell it!!!CARWAR 1....haha...can u imagine a bunch of Itlian mother#$%#ers in suits hitting the shit outta some Redneck from Georgia in some overalls.....who is with me?????????
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    You'd be the first to die in the brawl, you deserve it most.<!-- Signature -->
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    lol totally agree there
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    I'm with you!!! haha that's an awesome idea!!
    just tell me when it is and I'm there

    FORDS ROCK!!!!!!
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    you guyz are idiots... thats about the dumbest thing i have ever heard off doing... but if you do manage to some how put it together... invite me so i can kick your ass for even coming up with the idea
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    im w/ miniflip u guys are retarded
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    i agree fully, half of these losers in here couldnt knock the skin off a dead rabbit, yet they act so tuff when arguing in here. i'll bring the spare camera and film, for when yours runs out!

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