Hey, it's the FIREo

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  1. remember these catching on fire all the time? They recalled a bunch of 'em.

    Always hated these things<!-- Signature -->
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    That's not funny. I own 2. I'm getting a corvette LT1 in my '88. The pic of this one is an '88 also. 0-60 is faster than that too. Mine is 5 speed manual. I'm also getting it lowered and a supercharge. My friend owns an exotic customs shop that is going out of business and he's giving away $10,000 worth of stuff. He'll install it for free too. <!-- Signature -->
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    In the engine or on the dashboard or something?
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    that was only a problem with 84 and 85 fieros

    the one in the pis is a 88
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    Yeah, when I owned my '89 SC MR2 we used to call the Fiero the Fire wagon. Also, Fire-In-The-hole. GM saved a lot of lives when they scrapped this piece and should be commended for doing so.
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    Hey Josh, this is less likely to set fire than your shitty Pinto
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    The only Fieros that caught fire were the early years (i think the fuel lines burst or something) and only on the 4 bangers. The GT V6s are a much better car. And why do you guys have to come in and bag on other cars I dont go to your car's forums and make fun of them.
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    its amazing that GM got the name right isnt it?
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    Yeah, but don't forget about all the other problems these little machines had... for example you'd be driving down the road and "oops where did my tranny go?!?!?" or "is that MY muffler scraping on the ground?"
  10. the trans are good.. especially tyhe getrag 5 and muncie 4.. fire isnt a problem in the later models and never were a problem if maintained properly.

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