hey look at my rx7

Discussion in '1989 Mazda RX-7 GTUs' started by 96stanggt, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I have a 1986 rx7 gxl, i already wrote and this is the one what do u think of it, its in mint condition.<!-- Signature -->
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    whats the insurance like on your rx7? i don't really know much about service history of rotary engines, do they need lots of service or constant service? i'm interested in buying a late 80's rx7 and i was just curious about the engine. also does it ride and handle well.
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    I also have an '86 GXL! I love it! I like your paint more than mine becasue mine is red and is peeling, but I am about to paint it black.
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    ya i seen a bit of reds. My car needs a paint job to cause it the paint does not match ina few places. does your car floood alot cause mine flooded twice already its very annoying. does your car have a kit on it. <!-- Signature -->
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    I's a nice car. I have a 1989 RX-7 it is in perfect condition and its so much fun to drive. I love being the owner of a wankel engine.
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    Nice car. I used to own a charcoal gray Mazda RX-7 GXL. I loved that car. I got rear-ended TWICE in the space of a year by two seperate but equally oblivious SUV-latte-cell-phone using idiots. So I traded it in for a 1995 Camry V-6 because I had a 50 mile commute. Worst mistake I ever made! I miss my old rear-wheel drive low-slung, hard-ride FUN car.
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    yer nice car, can't complain...
    go the rotaries.
    later<!-- Signature -->
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    The '86-87 RX7s have a serious issue with flooding. You can install a switch kit on the fuel pump that will stop the fuel from entering the system when teh car is shut off. My '86 Sport did it 6 times over the course of a year, then it ran lean, which caused teh engine to completely destroy itself.

    So, I did this:
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    What do you mean by kit? Like a body kit? It has no body kit if that is what you are talking about. Yea, my '86 would flood all the time during warm start-ups. If the car would sit for like 2 hours or more, then it wouldn't start and I would have to let it sit for like 4 more hours. So what I did is I cut a wire underneath the dash on the drivers side which stops fuel from being injected while turing the key. And now it starts all the time. I still have to touch the gas pedal a little, but all it is really doing is giving the engine more air. I am pretty sure that it is safe to do becasue I had the car brought to a mechanic that only works on RX-7's and he said it was fine.
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    hey check this out. 1986 RX7 GXL , mostly stock, engine is all stock any suggestions,
    True speed racer...

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    Fun lil' car,I test drove a turbo one and the thing was pretty fast for it's time.
    I owned an '88 Nissan 300ZX turbo but the RX-7 turbo was a little faster,
    due to lower weight and about the same horspower.
    But the Z did have more torque.
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    YOU RETARDS RX-7's suck they are absolutely the most overrated cars I have ever seen, screw that twin turbo crap, get real power, put twin turbos on any V8 and see how fast you go, get a life you tards.

    My 1994 Caprice Classic LS 350 LT1 could leave all your Mazda GTU's or whatever the hell you call them in the dust.

    Get real power
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    And you, my friend, are a complete moron. Sports cars aren't about drag strip speed, they are about balance and precision handling. In STOCK form, however, even the lowly 145 hp normally aspirated RX7 Sport, like mine, is nearly a second faster in the quarter mile than the Impala SS was when new, which makes it faster than your Caprice would be, stock. The RX7 Turbos are even faster.

    Over at the Impala SS club sites, the average STOCK 1/4 mile times for them and the police versions of the Caprices tend to be in the mid 16s, to high 15s. My STOCK '86 RX7 Sport ran low 15s the one and only time it was on the dragstrip while stock. Knock of another second for the RX7 Turbos. And it's relatively easy to make them quicker yet (though it does get to be expensive to get 350+ hp out of them in streetable form).

    And regardless, they handle vastly better than that boat of a Caprice (I've been impressed by the few Impala SS cars that have come out to the autocrosses, but they are still much slower than a stock RX7 will be).

    Mind you, when my rotary died, the cost to rebuild it or turbocharge it was more money than I had, so I dropped a 400 hp small block FOrd into it, and got huge amounts of torque in a VERY balanced chassis, that only weighed 2700 lbs, something your car could only weigh if you removed most of the body and interior AND engine. That doesn't mean I don't have huge respect for the rotary engine, or think RX7s are crap. They are great cars, and one of the performance bargains of the used car market.
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    High 15's you are an absoulet retard, my friends 1994 Caprice 9C1 Police Package runs 14.9 you idiot, My car runs low 15's The RX-7 GTU is down right pitiful on the quarter mile 16.7

    And Besides there is so much more bolt on shit for the LT1 motor it is insane, I could get my car pushing 400 horsepower with low 14's and spend about maybe 3000 dollars.

    So in conclusion you are a retard. I will race any RX-7 Nonturbo stock anyday, and I will shut you down anytime anywhere.

    Get real horsepower
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    You don't read very well, and you are running a serious risk. Look at my name

    BTW, did you read what I did with my RX7? Look for pictures in other threads.
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    You obviously misread mine, I said I would smoke the piss out of a 1989 Mazda RX-7 GTU
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    No proof. Sorry, your first statement on the site was retarded, confrontational, and just plain closed mined. You're not gaining points as you go, either.
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    okay you're gay...94 rx7 run quarter mile 13.5 stock...my hb got his to run 11.02...#$%# you and your white boy cars [excluding bmw & MB]
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    Referring to what the idiot named Korath was saying I think that the rotary RX-7s are great and screw what that idiot says about his pile of horse shit. I bet anyone that an RX-7 could out handle his crap car any day. By the way I am only 13 but I know what I am talking about cos my dad borrowed a friend's RX-7 Infini III once and IT WAS BLOODY AMAZING I HAD NEVER ENJOYED MYSELF SO MUCH BEFORE!!!
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    he is right. you are telling me that with 400 hp you ran a low 15. wow that sucks. my rx-7 is rated at 255 hp and runs mid 13's so.......... what do you have to say about that my korath or whatever your name is?
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    Every one dont forget about the driver, that can make the whole difference, the start the changes and the set up (E.G. TIRES + PRESSURES)
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    The driver is always the main factor in a race
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    Korath your an idiot, who deserves to be ***** slaped. You can never compare your piece of shit car the a GREAT car like the FC3S. Next time you decide to posts something, make sure you THINK really, really hard before you do anything. ANYTHING.
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    I dont mean to be a yuppie but if your interested in a late 80s sport care you should check out the toyota supra mk3 its a sweet nice handling car you can pick up non turbos cheap but get a turbo lke my 1990 it will blow the doors off theese rx7s.
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    yes, man the car handles great, I bought mines from a friend for $2200, and the car is in great condition. it has a rebuilt engin with brand new internals. let me just say you'll be AMAZED by what a rotary engin can do, for the size and how it works, WOW! just AMAZING. after driving one you'll appreciate rotary much, MUCH, more.

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