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  2. I can't understand anything that guy says.
  3. i wouldnt want to use one of those
  4. Buy one we go shoot it
  5. the magazine would explode before i even put it in, bullets would go flying everywhere and id look like a scrub.
  6. what's the point of a silencer when it makes that much noise
  7. There's no such thing as a "silencer" like you see in most movies. They DO make guns quieter, but at best you're taking 40 dB off of 140 dB, and that's with like, integrated silencers. The gun is still LOUD, but not nearly as loud, and that has considerable effects on how noticeable the gunfire is, especially at range. Not that it's super quiet from close up.
  8. We look like scrubs at the range anyways
  9. It disguises the sound too, so is your were to great it in the background you might not associate it with a gunshot
  10. maybe you do being all deliberate and shooting inside the lines. i go BANG BANG BANG all over the place. you go pew pew.
  11. Ladies, you ever wonder if you can tell just by looking at a guy if he has a tiny dick?

  12. That AR15 is ejecting to the left hand and the forward assist is on the right hand.

    Meaning it’s a fairly rare left handed upper designed for a left handed user.

    But that guy is clearly right handed so it’s ejecting all the spent cases near his face.

    It's either not his gun or he doesn't know what he's doing when he picked it out.
  13. i thought the same thing when i saw that face lol

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