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  1. I can understand why you like it, it is a heavy duty watch. Check also the marathon gsar watches made in cnada which use the h3 tritium technology, they are worthy to look at.Ball watches are nice too, tehy are worn by Gary Sinise in CSI NY
  2. I just spend my money on other shit instead.
    I'm down to just my Nomos and my Grandfather's Omega these days. Kinda want something else.
  3. god damn it.

    where can I buy this watch
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  6. (keep in mind that it´s kinda smallish... but so damn goodlooking)
  7. There's a 42mm version.
  8. 42mm is the maximum size for my wrist anyway so it works out
  9. I just spent $11 on a watch. After two years my trusty little Coleman brand broke a strap.
  10. took you that many tries at that claw game before you nabbed a watch ?
  11. Wal-Mart special, so basically you're right.
  12. I like the concept on this watch by Biegert & Funk called QLOCKTWO. It spells out the time. $800....very tempting as well
  13. yeah, but it's kinda gay/fake/not like the original :-(
  14. for that kind of money you can get a nice vintage longines, vintage omega, vintage zenith or vintage jaeger lecoultre which will last decades if properly serviced. This quartz watch looks like shit
  15. I don't want a Longines ever, I already have 2 omegas being serviced, I only like to hear the name Zenith when two other words are associated with it, Rolex and movement, never cared for jaeger lecoultre. This quartz watch looks interesting to me. I think I will go with this quartz watch next followed by a Sevenfriday M2.
  16. I have several vintage Omegas, two vintage JLC, one vintage Aquastar, one Eterna Matic, one vintage Longines Ultrachron, a Zenith El Primero from 1974 alongwith a Lip, the last three are for overhaul at my watchmaker.
  17. nobody cares about your sad pissing match, georg
  18. you jellin cause you don't have a personal watchmaker?
  19. You can buy an $800 watch to your liking and you may enjoy it more than the more expensive ones that you have. My point is it doesn't matter if it's an $800, $8,000, or $80,000 watch. I like the QLOCKTWO quartz watch because it displays the time in words on an electric board that looks like a puzzle. IMO it is unique and different. If there are way more selections out there for that money that you think is worth it while the QLOCKTWO is shit, then that is your own opinion. Wasnt looking for a pissing contest here. I am very happy with what I have whether in the safe or in my daily watch box, I think I will just share my daily watch box for now.

    Tudor BlackShield, 1977 Rolex Presidential 18038 rare burn red w/diamonds, Locman LE Carbon, Sevenfriday P3, Rolex Milgauss Green sapphire, chaumet class one chrono, Cartier Santos 100.
  20. Shut the #$%# up, I am not talking to you clagnut and go spread your whining somewhere else. When I will speak to you, then you will be able to answer me. But as it is not the case, #$%# off.
  21. some of mine but not all represented
    let's start by the 1974 zenith el primero
    then in the box from upper left to the right:
    1957 lip, 1967 longines ultra chron, 1957 grandfather's omega seamaster, 1973 omega speedmaster 125, 1951 grandfather's omega seamaster,1991 vostok, 19673 omega speedmaster markIV, 1969 omega speedmaster markII, 1969 aquastar benthos 500, 1971 eterna matic 1000
    1951 jaeger le coultre power matic
    1957 jaeger le coultre handwound
    1963 omega hand wound
    1969 omega dynamic hand wound
  22. I can't imagine when/where that burn red and flashy Rolex would be appropriate. Maybe at a Playboy mansion party.

    Your other watches are very nice though, even the Sevenfriday which is kind of ugly-pretty.
  23. My next watch will probably be the apple smart watch to go on my right wrist to compliment my actual watch on my left wrist. I might wait for version two. I don't see the need for more than one watch.
  24. nice table cloth ... did you pick that out yourself or do you live with your great grandmother ?
  25. I like the monster on a Nato bracelet. Do you own two of them though?

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