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  1. What happens if I want to take an hour long shower?
  2. Then you're wasting time.

    Seriously though, that's not an issue in a water-aware country. If I keep the heater on for more than an hour, there should be enough warm water for me to have a (too) long shower.
    During the summer there's always warm water, so this is a winter only issue.
  3. I have in my house an electric water heater tank with a capacity of 280 liters (that's 74 gallons for you Americans) of hot water like in that pic. I never run out of hot water unless I take a hot shower for like an hour.
  4. Pretty sure they make electric water heaters with thermostats in them that just keep the whole tank heated to a set temperature - no need for turning anything on and off.
  5. same here
    and we both take showers + whole bath for the kid + dish washers + washing machine

    its a lot
  6. When in Canada, perhaps. Here that would just be a waste of electricity. Plus I've seen older ones explode due to malfunctioning thermostats and that's no fun at all.
  7. Dish washers and washing machines heat their own water.
  8. infinite gas hot water heating is the best
    a small unit on the side of the house that runs off mains gas and just superheats a small portion of pipe when you turn the hot tap on
    hot shower all morning lifestyle
  9. That's why they have safety valves...
  10. Yeah thats what you want. My parents house has a couple of those, and you get high pressure water, hot, all the time. Its great.

    In the building I live in, Im pretty sure there is some enormous central hot water heating system somewhere. We don't pay for heating the water, and our water costs are like $100 a year for everything.
  11. Our water is #$%#ing expensive. Easily $25-40 a month, and there's just two of us.

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