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  1. watching hockey
  2. Just got back from my dad's, I meet him weekly. We eat together and then play games. Now I'm listening to some music because I'm supposed to send a group my personal top 30 based on some 'qualified' songs. It's a bit a long story, but it's something that could work on sc.net too.
  3. I like to party
  4. jus chillin in auckland before flying out to europ in 48 hours
    bout to go eat some japanese food yum
  5. You might like this, I got into playing rugby union with my local club and have been bloody loving it. I had a few mates in the team and they asked me to join. I'm currently playing as lock.
  6. Having some leftovers for lunch at work. Reindeer stew. Mmmm.
  7. the food was great
    i could eat a bucket full of edamame on its own
  8. do you strap your knees?
    i dont know why but i find lock to be the weirdest position in rugby
  9. I'm all about that cabbage and mayo at Tanuki's
  10. is reindeer a common meat in your area
  11. attempted to start a car I bought a couple months ago for the first time. starter decided to pack up after half a revolution
  12. What car?
  13. Late 3rd gen Ford Mustang

  14. having a job interview tomorrow.

    and visiting a house that i want to buy tomorrow.
  15. im having a job interview tomorrow.
    you guys are cute
  16. the japanese place in ponsonby central has amazing chicken karaage
    good wine too
  17. Which job?
  18. no thats what w00t said
    an american would say
    'i have a job interview tmw'
    but he is having it
  19. ;__;

    For a second I thought you had a jerb

    My hopes are lost now
  20. riiight...yeah my english sucks sometimes.
  21. Oh wait sorry you still have to hand crank those.

    Point is stil valid though. Instead of the electric motor it's your heart that's going to crap out after π rad.
  22. Hand crank a late 3rd gen Ford Mustang?
  23. dont be upset
    i like it
    and its a very common thing amongst non natives

    people bring their own languages' rules into english and it makes for interesting phrasing

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