hi, i am gt4

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by GRANTURISMO4, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. and i am aboriginal
  2. Send it back to the circus!
  3. *lab
  4. Do you sniff petrol?
  5. Australians are funny.
  6. Where dod you buy....i mean.....steal the computer?
  7. i made it out of sticks and stones....
    as for that kid that got "eaten by a dingo", i actually ate it
  9. congrats on 16k posts!
  10. lol!! i didnt notice. thanks anyway.
  11. wow and u live in the US.
    you must be a damn smart, abo
  12. All Austrailians are stupid. The only thing there good at is telling the difference between sand and rocks!
  13. who said i live in the US.
    Please refrain from using racist comments
    Thank You
  14. first of all, no abos know what GT4 is because none can afford playstations.
    second, none can afford computers let alone the internet.
    they only get these things by stealing, which they are crap at and get caught very often, so i suppose you wont be here for long.

    hehe, alllll jks people.
  15. as a matter of fact... I am dumby reds cousin. Also related to the infamous eddie mabo. I inherited all of his money, hence my abundance of cash.
  16. WTF is it with the "Dingo ate my baby"?
  17. are u retarded!?
    no dingo ate no baby, I clearly emphasised that point 10 posts up
  18. you do realize you weren't released yet

    im calling polyphony

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