"hi, I'm Amy M3"

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  1. i dont think your hostle at all :p
  2. So you can have a custom rank ? Those get ramdomly reseted all the time
    To get respect ? Few people here respect you, i'm not one of them
    To be e-cool ? Just look at P996T huge post count ... need I say more ? Or Impy, or love of cars
  3. Mc777 is joking with you, he has a death metal band named The Virgin Mary Rapers, last time he made a song it was : "Fornicate your mom and hit her with the bible"
  4. The first one is correct. Only because I want a freaking custom rank, that is the main reason for a high post count.

    For respect? Honestly I do not care who respects me here at all, You are all a bunch of car loving people from around the world and quite honestly, no offense, but many of you are dumb pieces of shit, that are redneck hating, American car hating, USA-Bashing assholes. and for those of you that arent I take that back. and for those of you that are, you all can go screw yourselves, because whenever I have a valid opinion, you still act like you are correct and I cant have my own opinion. That is what disturbs me the most about SC.net

    But I can't lie, I am still here because this is a very unique forum, aside from all the other ones that exist. It is very entertaining to be here.

    I also dont give a damn about being e-cool as well.

    So basically...

    I love Guns and Hunting, that doesnt make me a redneck.
    I love gardening, that doesnt make me a mexican
    Im an Armenian-American with Lebanese influence(since 3 generations of my family has lived there) And Yes I have a strong dislike for muslims and turks, since many incidents have occurred with them killing my people. and Yes Im A Christian and Im not gonna preach to you about the bible, because many of you are dense and I wont get through to you anyways.

    I love most every car out there. Passion is Bullshit! I mostly love American cars such as Terminator 2003/2004 Cobras, LS1 F bodys, All Vettes, GMs line of V6 Turbo cars ( GN, GNX, TTA, Sy/Ty) Chryslers V10 Sport cars and Trucks. I also love Many Classic cars and Muscle cars and whats in between. I also love exotics and I love almost any car that is quick.

    and another thing.... I hate people here that dont give importance to being quick in a straight line, since that is one of the most important factors in performance.

    So there I said a lot about me today. and if you dont like the way I think, then dont waste your time talking shit to me.

    Now all you have a good day.
  5. wow, a Mexican writing a 20-lines post!
  6. well, love of cars/jeezus is cool in my book
  7. not funny...
  8. hmm you sensitive about your religon? I dont think this is the site for you then
  9. I'm neutral towards him, anyone that spends time spamming up to 50K is seriously screwed up
  10. It wasn't supposed to be funny, its the truth
  11. If you want the custom rank that bad just go premium, it is also a very powerful anti-ban tool
  12. It's saved my ass =D
  13. Usually, that joke isn't funny anymore, but I admit, I got a good laugh out of that.
  14. sounds like someone is desperate/needs a girlfriend
  15. not exactly sensitive, but lets just leave it at your an ass
  16. Something about my ass? Would you like to stick it there?
  17. Perhaps I will consider it. But that doiesnt change the fact that I am still bitter about Remington870 being banned.
  18. Good Morning, Ms Amy

    My name is IAR, i reside in the South of France. I am an Aristocrat and indulge in many cultivating passions such as sailing the high seas, driving my dashing ferrari's along the Monaco countryside, and sipping tea in my lavish garden while enjoying the splendid beauty of nature.

    I am also a man who yealds tremendous infulense in business matters around the world. I welcome you to this humble car site, and kindly advice you not to converse with labourers. And also i usually get banned before i reach 10 posts, so don't be surprised to see me with a new name everytime.

    I shall take leave now as more pressing issues require my immediate attention. Goodbye
  19. South Africa is ashithole.
  20. Perhaps you should learn how to read, you illetrate labourer. South of France is not South Africa.
  21. You should move out of South Africa. It might help your whole situation.
  22. Perhaps you have me confused for Jens. Im not Jens, im WOUNDED. I reside in the South of france as i mentioned previousely.

    And may i kindly ask what situation? Thank You.
  23. I yesterday talked to Amy M3 and I was really really stoned <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  24. AIM? I need to get it. Because I've always wanted to chat with MooSquad anways.
  25. I don't have the largest post count, so shut it.

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