"hi, I'm Amy M3"

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by naranhito, May 27, 2006.

  1. Hi there Amy, nice to e-meet you here, there're enough normal car enthusiasts down here too, so no worries. This forum at least delivers a full media coverage on news/funny shit and car media. To answer your main question on the beginning of your thread: I'm into the Ferrari's mostly, well...., untill Ferrari designed the 612 Scaglietti/430 and 599. Have a blast, see you around.
  2. omg, another fake gurl account!
  3. Amy, will you talk dirty to me in French?
  4. so many horny little teens on this site.
  5. Let me dance you amy M3.
  6. #$%#in nice avatar there.
  7. "sacrebleu"
  8. OH NOEESSSSS!!!!111!!!one!!1!
  11. thanks, took it myself.
  12. Best nickname ever.Well done.

  13. I mean it.
  14. How do you guys know I speak french and shit?
  15. sc.net sees all
  16. e-stalking
  17. C'est le scary et shit.
  18. wut
  19. Frenchlish
  20. Yeah. I don't speak it.
  21. jes suis ameican! jes nas pas pas francais! (ghetto french).
  22. I think ghetto french is more advanced that the toddler french you're attempting to speak.
  23. i took french 1 and 2 in highschool. That was like, um 7 years ago. I was going by the sounds to get the spelling. SORRRY.
  24. whoah! 'ghetto french', is there anyhting 'ghetto' about the french, apart from the fact they eat anything?

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