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  1. i've been here for pretty long but i dont post much
  2. Sorry, no-one will pay attention to this thread when the "Hi, I'm Amy M3" is next to it.
    Welcome though
  3. are most people on here that desperate?
  4. just check that thread and you'll see
  5. there are some sad sad people on sc.net
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hello
  10. why does this forum still exist?
  11. molesting members who pretend to be girls?
  12. I say hello
  13. Hello, hello, I don't know why you say goodbye
  14. you might as well post porn here. nobody looks here.
  16. goodbye
  17. this thread has been here for 23 days now...i really didn't expect it to last this long
  18. Well, bored kids on a car site, lol. Cannot talk cars, so this is what develops...
  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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