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  1. I used to use this forum. I'm back after a long hiatus. My date registered is still a mystery HA.
  2. I've never seen you.
  3. same, but welcome back.
  4. Welcum back
  5. Hey Guys,

    I used to go under the name The Hitman, ive tried everything to find my old account but no good. I remember the good old times (must have been 5 years ago or so) when Madhav (Maddi) used to post and we both had "Panda is god" in our sigs. I remember most of you guys, wondering if anyone has any idea how i can bring back my old account!?
  6. Ask admin, he should help you out
  7. yeah you're pretty much fUcked. to to the indys to spam up until you can make a proper amount of posts in a day.
  8. lol,

    oh well.....at least i tried. never mind....
  9. I vaguely remember you as The Hitman.
    In other threads you said you're from Australia. Where abouts in Aus are you?
  10. He must live pretty close to you cus Australia is an island.
  11. so is america
  12. new member old member all bloody same thing no matter no difference

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