Hiccup cures

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CarzNClubz, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Give me some now! I have the hiccups so bad it hurts. Help me please. I'll send you cookies if you do!
  2. hold your breathe for at least 30 seconds or drink a glass of water..
  3. umm.. i want my cookies
  4. It didn't work. You only get cookies if it works.
  5. cookies, yea chug a pint of water!!! how will you be sending cookies? express?
  6. cant read? i won.

    if you really want your cookies, look in your timing belt.
  7. do a hangstand and drink water/alcohol
  8. Steve fixed me, drinking upside down and nearly drowning did the trick. He gets the cookies, the rest of you get the knowledge that you tried to help somebody, which, really, is it's own reward.

    Everyone always tells me a teaspoon of sugar does it, but I have to spit it out, it's gross.
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  10. thats because only i hold the secrets to the world, on the small and trite level.
  11. Hiccups are the phsiological opposite of a yawn; caused by too much oxygen in the blood stream, so your brain stem makes you skip a breath. This is why you often get them after laughing alot. Holding your breath is a bad idea, since it puts even more oxygen than normal into your lungs. I breathe out as much as I can and hold my lungs empty for as long as possible, then I breathe, though not more deeply than normal, and do it again. Rinse, repeat.
  12. thats a bit to complicated to do
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  14. shut up, my way worked way easier.
  15. Sounds worse than it is. Just exhale like crazy and hold it. Then don't gasp, and do it again.
  16. That's almost exactly what I do. I just slow my breathing, and make my exhales very long and drawn out, and my hiccups never last more than 5 or 6 seconds.
  17. i wonder why i get them after drinkin chocolate milk
  18. I just forget to hiccup after a while.
  19. You have a more unique option, as well.
  20. jump up and down on a trampoline whilst listening to get low...
  21. ^ winner.
  22. You're a strange chap/aboriginary.
  23. aboriginary...?
    ab-ORIGINAL...as in THE oRIGINAL OWNERs of the lAnd...

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