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  1. looking at getting HIDS. a red 2003 tiburon se, nothing to special

    i was thinking about getting 3000k for the low beams, and 8000k for the fogs.

    what am i looking at as far as being pulled over and what not?

  2. depends on your state or province laws (lawls)

    I'm putting some on my car in a couple weeks
  3. umm

    5000K for low-beams, 3000K for fogs

    unless you want to look retarded

    you already have projectors, so you're good
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    Do 5000K in the low beams and 3000K in the fogs. Functionality over looks. 5000K in the lows will give a pure-white light with the highest lumen count. 3000K in the fogs will give the golden yellow light to actually do what fog lights are intended to do.

    Even though the Tibby came with factory projectors, I would still remove them and install a projector designed for HIDs. With halogen projectors I have seen people have to modify the shroud piece inside of them for proper beam cut-off.

  5. don't #$%# with a system of your car that works perfectly fine.
  6. Factory HIDs or no HIDs.
  7. you should replace your speedometer with 20000k hids
  8. this vs AIDS
  10. but these euro lights add much style and class
  11. I had 5000K HIDs in projector housings on my Scion and they worked much better than the stock headlights, and also had a separate halogen high beam. There was a nice cutoff that kept light from blasting other drivers in their faces, which is key. You won't get that with HID bulbs in a stock reflector housing.
  12. just realized my speed3 has hids stock

  13. Just looked into some hella bi-xenon housings for the MR2 Rev 6 low-rise kit
    need 4 of them
    my #$%#
    1AL 009 997-001
  14. HIDs, or just projectors?
  15. Should be HIDs, they came standard on upper level Mazda3s.
  16. I think the 2012 requires the tech package to get HIDs, but all speed3s come with projectors.
  17. i actually don't know, it just looked the same as the pictures. lazy trolling, etc.

    they're more then adequate enough, especially since my previous car they were all out of sync and my right one was aimed at the ground 4 feet in front of the car.
  18. This.

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