High 2 u Mr Brandt

Discussion in 'fordracing's Website Forum' started by Chaos446, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I'm shit
  2. Who's faster, you or 944turb0
  3. Me *takes chequered flag*
  4. They were both out on track first time a few weeks ago.
  5. oh sweet, need story about it
  6. I saw 944turb0 spin on my way to tech, and clapped as he drove by the back straight.
  7. Yeah. I hate thunder hill now and wont ever go back even though it was all my fault.
  8. You mean like next weekend for Nasa?
  9. Yeah. Can't wait to not go.
  10. -1
  11. Go ahead take one away. I have many more.
  12. I'm a horrible person
  13. x0

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