(Highly Modified) RX 7 vs (Highly Modified) Supra vs(Highly Modi

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    hmmm...i like all of them but


    S U U P P R R A A
    S U U P R R A A

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    Some of you think that the S2000 isn't a good contender because of it's "high" price (not in it's performance range) and an engine that is too small and already maxed out. I have an idea. How about a NSX V6 swap (290 horses stock, ~225 lb-ft torque, also stock), then a sustom twin-turbo setup with T-66 Turboes, with a goal of 450-500hp? I beleive that would count as highly modified. Also, check out www.sportcompactcarweb.com and follow the links to the project RX-7 to see their take on "highly modified" RX-7. Or go to http://www.pettitracing.com/ and edjucate yourself.
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    Hard to say, all of them are fast no doubt, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. The supra has tons of HP and torque, but for some reasons, it doesn't get transfered to the ground very well. With 320HP i'd expect a low 13 sec 1/4 mile, but this runs high 13's and low 14's. The RX-7 is fast as hell and is easy to modify. Its so damn light and the engine lasts just as long as regular engines with cylinders. But its gas mileage is worse than the other three. The S2000 is a great car. I don't know why you fools are saying its too expenssive at $32,000, the Supra and RX-7 were both $40,000 cars when new. The RX-7 is now a lot less, but try finding a 93-98 Supra TT with less than 60K miles for under $35,000, not too easy is it? The S2G only problem is that the 2 liter engine is going nowhere. There are some Supercharger/turbocharger kits for it, but they only produce around 400-450 HP. The supra and RX-7 can be done up to 700+.
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    What are you smoking? they did this test already against both type of rx-7s, are we talking 1/8 or quarter mile here? The Supra beat the RX-7 in the quarter, and high end race, the only thing that this car beat the SUPRA in was 0 to 60 then the SUPRA SAID LATER>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    My favorite Japanese sport car imports are the Supra, WRX Impreza Sti, RX-7, S2000, Skyline GT-R, 350Z, Lancer EVO VII, RSX Type-S, Integra Type R, and the Civic Type R. I would love to pit these cars against each other in a street race. Which one do you guys think will win?
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    Dr Funk u say the supra only runs high13 to low 14 in the 1/4mile
    U are wrong. A stock 1993 Supra Turbo runs a 13.2 1/4mile and 0 to 16 in 4.9sec
    All of the cars mentioned ar great car but i love the supra thent the rx-7
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    0 to 60 in 4.9sec. sorry bout the miss type
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    i read Supras got 1/4 mile times of 13.1 and slightly lower. 0-60 times 4.5. these are the lowest i've seen reach.
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    All cars have the potential to be amazing. Fact of the matter is where do you draw the line. Not everyone can drive a car with more then 200hp yet alone 1000+, that is just ghey.

    Bonestock here is my comparison:
    S-2000 lots of people say it is overpriced, it is cheaper then a Supra which is a #$%#ing used car. It is very good looking has 50/50 weight distribution and drives like a damn go kart.

    NSX, very underapreciated, more hand built parts then a damn Modena, yet the price tag here is actually a little unappreciated. Like the Honda above it is a very good track car.

    Integra Type R, despite being FF this car is a great handler, in fact it is the worlds fastest FF car. Relatively inexpensive. And much more luxury now then they used too. I might add the K20A engine has higher NA potential then the engine in the S-2000, this is the worlds most advanced 2.0 litre engine.

    300ZX, very cool classic and collectors car. Turbos are vast but dont compare to the Supra or Skyline. The VQ engines however are very good and solid. Not a bad car, maybe a little pricey for a used car.

    350Z, very nice lots of aftermarket support already, it is however more of a luxury sports car then a true sports car.

    Skyline, amazing car, very fast, low 13 et's. Very good cornering for a heavy car, breathtaking looks.

    S-15 Silvia, high 13's make this just as fast as the 300ZX and at a smaller cost, one of the best drifting cars ever made period. This is a truely well balanced car for price and performance.

    MR2 Turbo, unfortunately never made anymore, the limited version featured 245hp using the 3SGTE, this car runs high 13's and as far as autocross went this car is the same performance bracket as the more expensive Toyota Supra.

    Celica All-Trac, same engine as the MR2 just a lot heavier, still a great car.

    Supra, the 2JZGTE is one of the only engines in the world capable of producing 800 horsepower at the tires on stock engine internals. It is a but pricey for an old car, but the modability is endless.

    WRX, WTF! Fast and ugly as a *****. The STI does 0-60 in 4.6, the only other japanese car to hit 60 that fast is the Lancer Evo's. Still ugly though.

    3000GT, good old Mitsubishi made a great car here to bad it does not recieve as much recognition as it deserves, mid 13's stock, nice luxury features.

    Lancer Evo 6, fastest version of the Evo. high 12's stock, the fastest japanese car in the quarter mile for stock racing. Loads better looking then the STI its direct competition. No luxury. Some reliability issues.

    RX7, looks really great, a little bit faster then the Supra, 300ZX, and on par with the Skyline. Unfortunately there are some reliablity issues with this car. Aside from that it is the fastest car on a track out of all these cars.

    There was a recent competition using all of these cars stock on a track in Japan, first place was the RX7, followed by the Lancer 6, then suprisingly the S-2000(it really does handle friggin good), the rest is history.

    Which one do I think is best? I would probably take a Skyline given the choice. But to each there own.
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    im guessing the skyline has been banned from this particular race?
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    RX-7, the rotary engine has alot more potential.
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    for one thing youre an idiot, you will never own a skyline and if you look at the stats on a new skyline gtr compared to a 95 rx7, youll see the rx7 is still faster. the new rx-7 would rape you skyline... it's guys like you who jump on the bandwaggon that give real tuners a bad name... you probobly drive a civic too... so give youre head a shake and move the #$%# over...

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