Hillary Clinton joins 2008 race

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CitroenSM, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. John Edwards and Joe Biden are the other two viable candidates. I've ALWAYS said, "I wish this guy would run for President" since the first time I heard Joe Biden talk about issues.

    BTW, at this point my first choice is Obama.
  2. LOL, it's a "quote" from the SNL skit, not actually something she said! Although she'd get +1000000 honesty points if she did!
  3. so very wrong.
  4. It will make things interesting. I like her as a senator, she has represented the people of NY well however I dont like her as President. I prefer Obama right now.

    The republican canidates right now are even less attractive. Rudy, who did alright during 9/11 but is far too left for the party as well as Mitt Romney. McCain is the obvious choice but when this troop increase fails to bring peace to Iraq (and it will) he will take a large hit, large enough to kill his chances. Not to mention that he has been passed over by the convention already. I am very serious when I say that Obama could take any republican canidate right now and win.
  5. MoveOn is already running ads constantly on CNN and such advertizing it as McCain's troop surge.
  6. Obama could be the next Kennedy, just not in 08.

    But then again, with his charisma, if he has ideas the American public agrees with, and he can overcome the severe right wings, maybe he will
  7. You really like to be different don't you.
  8. NB '08!!!
  9. Obama Bin Baden
  10. already heard it.
  11. sorry I'm tired.
  12. that is because you are a #$%#ing irrealistic and blind leftist
  13. Obama for President, Hilary for Vice President, Bill for behind the scenes advisor?

    The reason people would vote for Hilary is because it would put Bill back in the White House, and because he'll be able to help and influence her.
  14. I highly doubt Hillary would consider being vice prez: Hillary-Obama seems very likely tho...
  15. Possible, I think the ticket will have at least one of them though, and probably both. They are the 2 frontrunners.
  16. Oh, and another reason Hilary might be able to pull this off is because she is the Democrat most likely to be able to raise the money needed to win this thing. Sad as it may be, in the US and many countries, whoever raises the most money has a much better chance at winning, and this prevents the average Joe from really getting there unless all his buddies are rich industry players.
  17. Leftism has begun its most despicable assault of all time. It is an assault on amercanism, far right wing tolerance, peace and life itself.
  18. Go suckle Bill O'Reilly.
  19. Hilary is kinda lame, but she can raise the money, has Bill as her husband, and is very well known. She's such a trend whore, she'll do whatever she thinks will get her more votes. Then again, that's not always a bad thing, because that means she might do some things that voters actually want.
  20. learn to write in proper English then you will be able to open your goddamn mouth.
  21. I'd like Powell as president
  22. A certain number of people will vote for Hilary cause Voting for her is like voting for Bill. And I know a whole lot of people would *love* to vote for Bill again.
  23. Term limits are stupid. Why should someone not be able to stay as long as the people want them?

    If you're worried about some steep in-built incumbent advantage, then target the actual causes.
  24. Obama is a good man, and has good politics. He really should've/should do another term before going for the presidency.

    Also, Hilary is unelectable. Not because she's a woman, because she's Hilary.

    I'd give it a 55 to 44 chance that the 08 race is going to end up being Obama vs McCain.

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