Hispano-Suiza Brand Image?

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  1. If Hispano-Suiza comes back, should they try to be more sporty like Ferrari or luxurious like Bugatti?<!-- Signature -->
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    They clearly are working on the perf side , that's what I prefer.<!-- Signature -->
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    When I see this, I'd say... a bit of both.
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    In the years of the great Hispanos they made luxury cars that were said to be even better thatn tohse of Rolls Royce. But later the company evolved to Pegaso which in the 50's made one of the best sports car of their time: the Z-102. So I think if they have to come back (which I very much doubt) they could made luxury cars (Hispanos) and sports cars (Pegasos).
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    Maybe they should forget about the sports cars. Maybe go ahead with luxos. Hispano-Suiza sounds better on some big luxury sedan.
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    bugatti and ferrari (not including the enzo) arent luxorious? i didnt no that.
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