History of Koenigsegg

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    Here's an interesting factoid.

    Originally, The car was going to use a distant relative of a flat-12 originally developed by none other than SUBARU, from their failed F1 attempts


    "They put together a 3.8 litre flat-12 and they lowered the RPM from 12000 to 9000. They put different camshafts on it, they stroked it, put in longer intake tracts. It was set up to get 580hp at 9000rpm and I have the dyno tests from where we ran that engine.When we first designed the Koengisegg monocoque, it was designed for that engine and it was the first engine we put in there. The engine mount positions for that engine are still used in the Agera today."
  2. Man, combustion engines are genius pieces of art*.

    *The art of turning ancient fossilized insects and forests into spinning wheels by fire.
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  3. Yeah. I checked after I posted. But left it up anyways. Very very cool engine

  4. So cool, would love to hear what it would've sounded like.
  5. Like three STIs with fart cans arranged in a human centipede
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  6. I'd listen to that.
  7. Subaru flat 12 in F1 form.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. I remember that thread. I knew exactly which bit of that Top Gear piece I was talking about too. hah

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