Hit something?

Discussion in '1959 Imperial Crown Convertible' started by vettesrule, Aug 9, 2002.

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    It is kinda ugly. <!-- Signature -->
  2. It sure looks like it with that stupid nose.<!-- Signature -->
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    i'll shove my foot up your ass and beat you doun to the floor

    Yo moe Is Hoe
    Fucks his mama for some doe<!-- Signature -->
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    kinda ugly? Butt-ugly you mean.

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    almost all of the concept cars are like that...

    we best get used to it.. i know i'm trying too...

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    box on wheels, shouldn't be here, runs on soap!!!
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    All the way Enzzo!<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey its ulgy for sure. Whats with the computer come on this is a car not a office.
  9. Re: Hit something?

    I think the wheel arches have gotta be changed or something. Yeech.<!-- Signature -->

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