Hitler was a painter

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  2. yes did know that allready.
  3. 75 years old news.

    some of his paintings are nice.
  4. Wasn't he a baker too?

    /oh noes!
  5. If all hitlers are nazis and all hitlers are painters, all painters must be nazis
  6. Shame about the filthy discussion going on below.
  7. No, but he was a plumber.
  8. He also did the first sketch of the VW beetle
  9. He was actually pretty decent at it too . I like a few of his works, but nothing too get really excited about.
  10. i love how every comments on every site are people bashing each other.
  11. I like the 2nd building (not the painting, but the building in the painting)
  12. And he's the one that designed the final "cute" look of the front of the beetle.
  13. Hitler reincarnated as a sc.net mod.

  14. Which means he is a good man
  15. the fiirst post was hilarious on that website.
  16. it must be said, despite all he ordered and all he did, he was a very clever man, evil, but clever
  17. * most amusing discussion
  18. until you factor in all the many horrible decisions he made. STFU
  19. Yes, except for not at all. At the beginning, he had a good instinct for populism, but even that wore off pretty quick.
  20. did you read the comments on that page below the paintings? thats #$%#ed up
  21. wow! he was really good!
  22. trying to take over the world clouded the decisions he made, he was clever
  23. The thing is, if these weren't done by hitler, no one would remember/care. None of them are striking or original enough to warrent any special attention.
  24. Imagine the awkward pause after someone comments on that nice picture in your living room and you casually reply "Yeah, it's an original Hitler."
  25. hahaha

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