HKS Lancer EVO X First Photos

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  1. Carscoop has discovered some images of the HKS tuned Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X which finally debuted in production trim at this past Tokyo Motor Show. With initial info only available in Japanese, Carscoop's translation mentions the tuning package will include the obvious upgrades such as a bigger turbo with modified engine control unit, air intake and new exhaust. Naturally, suspension gets lowered, brake upgrade and light weight wheels round out the chassis improvements. Visually, nothing has changed yet.
  2. love it in the White w/gold rims
  3. It looks outdated already. They have been teasing us with pictures for so long now
  4. it's awesome
  5. The frontend of this car always reminds me of the noseless Michael Jackson.
  6. it looks like its crushed in the front.
  7. That's because it looks like a Diamanta from the late 90s
  8. Alfa called, etc etc.

    Saw my first X today and I quite like it. The whole new Lancer is still just a badtardised Alfa design though.
  9. HOLY #$%# I JUST CAME
  10. If it's not at least 250lbs lighter I don't care.
  11. I wish you were at least 250lbs lighter, then you wouldn't exist.
  13. I love you.
  14. So much better than I thought it would look.
  16. wow, hot.
  17. Hahaha!
  18. Ive seen a red porche carrera with a really tight spoiler it looked do cool
  19. That is the bumper from barricade
  20. Wow, this is an awesome looking car
  21. This car has bitter beer face. But I love it.
  22. Every time I see one I always seem to vomit a little in my mouth when i see the rear end.
  23. Looks awesome, but those mirrors are hideous.

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