Hmmm... why not get a Porsche instead?

Discussion in '2007 Audi R8' started by Iron Heart, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. For 130k 911 Turbo looks like a much better buy.
  2. Because different people like different cars, it�s not all about what the car can do and performance and whatnot.
    To exemplify: why would I get a Porsche when I luvs AUDI? Why would I get a Murcielago when I love the F430? Etc...
  3. while the porsche may or may not be technically superior, not everyone likes them. i myself prefer the audi.
  4. damn... this car is over-exaggerated in Need For Speed: Carbon. Still, that game made me like the design of this car even more. If only a race-version were to be developed...
  5. yes a nice car and btw u all smell like shit
  6. yes a nice car and btw u all smell like shit
  7. yes a nice car and btw u all smell like shit
  8. Nice creative input Jordan,
    The Audi is a bit different from the norm and doesn't cry mid-life crisis quite as much (taking the assumption you need to be 40 before you've even had the chance to get enough disposable income)
  9. You can smell us over the interweb? AMAZING!
  10. Rear Engine vs Mid Engine.
  11. Aluminum V8 e/Dry Sump Lubrication, DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl, Permanent Quattro 4WD, 313.2 kw / 420 bhp @ 7800 rpm, 0 - 60 mph 4.5 seconds, well, nuff said. Buy a Audi R8.
  12. lmao you can also do 500kph going side ways in nfs carbon
  13. That looks like the lemans quartto concept
  14. Yeah I'm sold on the 911 after hearing Clarkson's beaming review of it just the other day.

    But I still have lots of love for the R8.
  15. Oh, and this is much more exclusive.
  16. I'd buy both if I had the greens.

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