Hockenheim Lap Times

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  1. was the dauer 962 ever tested on this track????
  2. AJ must know
  3. never ever
  4. Sure, why not? We have seen comments by Car, Evo, and Drivers Republic that the GT-R likes fast, sweeping turns. R&T's track shootout confirms this. Notice the GT-R does well against the Scuderia in the fast corners, but the Scuderia is noticeably faster in the tight ones (almost 10 km/h faster in one corner!).
    Also, the GT-R handles the bumpy Nordschleife better than most cars (Hockenheim is pretty smooth). NRing is also a momentum track, not a lot of high speed to extremely tight corner braking, but there are long stretches that allow the brakes to cool.
    But 1s on the 'Ring is not that much. For all intents and purposes, and as shown in multiple tests (QR being the one sole anomaly so far), these are performance peers.
  5. If I remember good, on direct comparo (same track, same day, same driver) Scuderia beats everytime the GT-R.
    About QR comparo, the GT-R on test was the "old" MY08.
    If Ferrrai'd work hard, as like as Nissan, to delivery a Scuderia every year, it'd cut 5-10s @ N'Ring...
  6. Beats the GT-R, yes. But by signficant margin enough to erase possible GT-R benefits at the 'Ring? No.
    C&D test on "old" GT-R:
    Virginia International Raceway (fast and with elevation changes)
    2:54.6 - F430 Scuderia
    2:55.6 - GT-R

    I agree. With more work like Nissan, Ferrari would see improvement in NRing lap times. Nothing unusual about that.
  7. yea but ferrari is not interested in lap times. but hey its a good thing
  8. They are. Just not on the 'Ring.
  9. Fiorano and maybe Mudello, LOL
  10. True, true. But still.

    NRing, Evo test 2008
    Enzo (on failed dampers) - 7:25.21
    CGT - 7:28.71

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  11. I know, you know, but the rest? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  12. once upon a tine the rest was sh!t and Nurbur was the Bibble....
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  13. latest additions to the list:

    1:07.709 138.01 km/h - TechArt 997 GT3 RS, ? PS/? kg, Joerg Hardt
    1:07.838 138.00 km/h - MTM KTM X-Box, ? Ps/? kg, Timo Lluck
    1:08.415 136.91 km/h - Cargraphic 997 Turbo GT RSC 3.6, ? PS/ ? kg, Dominik Schwager
    1:09.351 134.95 km/h - TechART 997 GT street R cabrio, ? PS/? kg, Joerg Hardt
    1:09.641 134.22 km/h - Cargraphic 997 GT3 RS 4.0, ? PS/? kg, Timo Kluck
    1:10.381 133.120 km/h - A-Workx Porsche 911 GT2, ? PS/? kg, Wolfgang Kaufmann
    1:10.510 132.75 km/h - Importracing Nissan GTR, ? PS/? kg, Alexander Wutzke
    1:10.796 132.22 km/h - Enco Porsche GT2, ? PS/?kg, Thomas Fluegel

    sport auto Tuner GP 09
  14. latest additions to the list:

    1:09.7 --- 134.22 km/h - Corvette ZR1, 647 PS/1533 kg
    1:13.5 --- 127.35 km/h - Ferrari California, 460 PS/1787 kg
    1:17.3 --- 121.09 km/h - Abt VW Golf GTI, 300 PS/1472 kg
    1:17.8 --- 120.31 km/h - Ford Focus RS, 305 PS/1485 kg

    (sport auto 08/09)
  15. !! impressive ZR1
    California is good
  16. dam kudos to zr1 and california and the focus.
  17. 1:09.7 --- 134.22 km/h - Corvette ZR1, 647 PS/1533 kg (sport auto 08/09)
    1:09.7 --- 134.22 km/h - Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1497 kg (sport auto 03/08)
    wow this is close
    also the california is impressive considering it's weight
    1:13.5 --- 127.35 km/h - Ferrari California, 460 PS/1787 kg (sport auto 08/09)
    1:13.5 --- 127.35 km/h - Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR (sport auto 06/04)
    also faster than
    1:13.61 -- 127.31 km/h - Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, 640 PS/1804 kg, Kurt Thiim (Autozeitung Powercars 05/08)
  18. M5 1:16.8
    CLS63 1:18.5
  19. CLK-DTM
    The only truly Driver's car from AMG.
  20. GT3 is the best PORSCHE ever made.
    It also has a naturally aspirated engine without any lags.
  21. According to Autozeitung M6 Cabrio did 0-200km/h in 14 seconds flat.

    SL63 did the same in 14.4 s
  22. Yes that is somehow ridiculous,LP640 is a supercar which weighs the same as The E60 M5.They should really reduce it's weight a bit to improve it's agility and handling.
  23. CLK63 AMG slower than a less powerful sedan from AUDI?
    That's terrible!
  24. DBS is as fast as a M3 E46 CSL round the track.

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