Holden HSV Coupe 4

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by GrimBeaver, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. lol, nice call.
  2. You have to be shitting me...of all cars I've been in Fords have had the noisiest drivelines by far...kinda like a spaceship noise as they move off. I'm yet to have gone in a Commdore auto that is clunky and mind changing as you say.
  3. Experiences such as?
  4. I've driven my brothers VR around.
  5. And given you've made much strong statements based off this I'm assuming this car has been well looked after, and you have also driven other cars that are 10 years old to compare it with?

    Do also note that the VR was the first of the electronically controlled version of that box. For each and every different engine and model infront of them, they have all been calibrated differently to suit that engine. Don't think that all VR-VZ will necessarily drive the same way.
  6. the worst auto i've seen was a VN auto, but of course that was driver's fault
  7. Do also note that Holdens auto is shit.

    FACT ^---
  8. Do also note that all of Mitsubishi Australia is shit

    FACT ^---
  9. The 4 speed is still shit.
  10. Dunno what you're complaining about...its better than that heap in the Falcon...
  11. They are both fairly average boxes.
  12. Do also note that the AWD VR-X Magna from Mitsubishi Australia shits on anything from Australia to drive through the hills. Also with a MUCH BETTER AUTO. MUCH MUCH BETTER!

    FACT ^---
  13. Must come in handy when the majority of the population lives on flat coastline.

  14. The Great Ocean Road is hardly flat.
  15. An AWD VR-X wouldn't even beat my AU.
  16. Unless your AU is a V8 shutup.
  17. Since my AU is a XR8 I wont.
  18. Tolded?
  19. And less than 1% of the population drive on it...
  20. Even if it was an XR6 it would be probably close.
  21. stock magnas beat au xr6's
  22. Since your AU is in a different class this does not matter.
  23. Unless it's a VCT model, that's like saying a stock Magna can take a Falcon Forte which isn't much to chirp up about.
  24. Magnas have bad engines.
  25. I'd be more concerned with the hideos bodies that these engines come in.

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