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  1. Holiday, celebrate, take a holiday..
  2. Kalworises pisw : )
  3. geia. koitakse na deis, then elipsa.. aploustata den erhomai etho sihna. pou kai pou kai kito kati H to website mou..pao diakopes afto to Savato yia 2 ebthomades!
  4. sigh; was beautiful, but all wonderful trips must come to an end..
  5. Wow, where's that?
  6. the first two are in Victoria B.C. You can see our hotel facing the harbour. The other is in B.C. fron sea view in my husbands family resort condo. The tide is out and you can walk and pick up sea shells/sea dollars or swim when you reach deeper water. Later in the afternoon the tide comes in.
  7. Looks like you married someone with the right family =)
  8. Damnit, i live in Victoria, you should have PMed me and i would have bought you lunch or something.
  9. *Humiliated and taken pics.
  10. Hey retard, stay out of my forum before I delete you from this planet and releive you of your grave, pathetic existence.

  11. I see..well we were there last year too..umm our lunch and dinners were quite expensive, but the cheapest lunch we had was at 'The Box' and I must say it's very delicious.

    We stayed like usual at the Grande Pacific Hhotel harbour view naturally..their restaurant is awesome.. had dinner at the Mark too..Did the Empress tea room traditional sitting, just loved it!

    It's lovely there, my husband was born in Vancouver but work has him a prisoner here in AB..Mountains are great but don't care much for the cities..Plus I come from a country where I'm close to the ocean and I miss it allot all year. So B.C. is my ideal place to live in Canada by far and few an' FOREVER!!!!!!
  12. People don't understand the beauty of BC, especially the islands.
  13. As a matter of fact, Mclaren777 and My911Turbo were just up here and met with myself, theHonk, Amazing Asian and Yourallfullofit. It was quite a fun time.

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