holy crap bioshock!

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  2. People are all about this game but the PC demo got delayed due to the lame ass Xbox 360's demo.

    I do want to check it out though

    Physics rendering on an Xbox 360 is like taking a Ferrari F50 to the local autocross
  3. 'next gens' great white hope
  4. STFU, you're playing games from like 2 generations ago on your WI
  5. I'm slowly starting to think Bioshock will finally be the game that makes the 360 a must buy... Since buying a PC that runs it as well as the 360 is a shitload of money...
  6. I'm really on teh fence. BOth systems will likely have Metal Gear Solid 4 of which I am a HUGE fanboi of, but PS3 will have some sequal to the SOCOM series and the Xbox never got anything that ever held a candle to it. I played SOCOM 2 online for hours back in the day
  7. Well, SOCOM has tons of competition now. Rainbow Six: Vegas being the best for online. If SOCOM doesn't include some kind of cover system it will get left behind.

    I also know you are a fan of the GT series, and there's really no competition for that yet, and you can be sure that GT5 will be absolutely stunning.

    But take into account that with Halo 3 and Bioshock coming, which will be awesome for sure. As well as an already beefy lineup with great games, like Gears of War, which is visually the best game in this generation yet.

    I guess its up to what you are a fan of... You hate the Halo series, and are a fan of KillZone, GT, SOCOM, etc... I guess I should be surprised that you are on the fence.
  8. Never could get into Halo. I think the thing that pissed me off abotu it was there were no bots in split screen mode.
  9. Well, you can at least count on it being a blast online for years to come, even more than Halo 2.
  10. this is a game Im going to buy when I get a 360. Its not even an if now, but a "when".

    and now you guys know why nintendo fans love them so much.
    look how OOT and Metroid Prime 1 scored. Wii60 is going to be an unstoppable combo I dont think Sony can beat this time.

  11. I enjoyed the 360 demo. I've been watching and waiting for this game for a long time.
  12. I like the fact that it seems to do away with all the shit aspects that make regular FPS games so boring and replaces it with some pretty fun ideas. I wonder if MS anticipated their own console having a Halo killer.
  13. this isnt supposed to be a "halo killer." it has no multiplayer. in 2 years it will be mostly forgotten and halo 3 will still have hundreds of thousands of players daily. still today, there are usually more than 250,000 unique players on halo 2 per day. more on weekends.
  14. yah half-life 2 has no multiplayer, everyones forgotten about that.
  15. far fewer people play half life 2 every day compared to CS source. its not forgotten, but it obviously doesnt have the same replay value as a multiplayer game. my point is just that bioshock wont hurt halo 2's sales, as it isnt in direct competition.
  16. In case you care, BioShock may be coming to the PS3 in early 2008.

    April 2007
    Irrational Games' sci-fi RPG shooter looks like it may be making its way to the PLAYSTATION 3, according to the all things PlayStation blog ThreeSpeech. In today's update on upcoming PS3 software, author Steve Boxer namechecks BioShock as one of the console's "promised future delights." Confirmed? I stand behind a firm 'maybe'.

    May 2007
    According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Bioshock is in development for the Sony PlayStation 3 console. The magazine mentions that Bioshock is only a timed-exclusive for Microsoft. This means that the game will be an exclusive on the Xbox 360 but for just a short period of time. It will then be released by 2K Games on all next-generation consoles, meaning the PS3.

    August 2007
    In a recent interview conducted by Gamepro, Ken Levine (one of the developers working on BioShock), was asked if the game would ever be seen on the PS3. He did not confirm nor deny the possibility of the game coming to the PS3. However, his reply was: "Right now we are focused on the Xbox 360 version."

    August 2007
    IGN recently sat down with former Microsoft Executive Peter Moore and asked him about their game portfolio for this year. He replied: "We do a lot of portfolio planning, not only with first-party, but also with third-party. This year both BioShock and Splinter Cell 5 are exclusive to our platform."
  17. More than likely i'll but it on the PC
  18. Damn! I think i need to get a new video card because there are so many awesome games coming out. My current has trouble running Fear, let alone all those "next gen" games.
  19. Sounds like you honestly want games to be stuck at Wii generation for the rest of time.
  20. You don't think Bioshock is getting a reactionary bump from the established gaming press?

    It looks on track to being *rated* the best game ever, which as a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER makes me PROFOUNDLY skeptical.
  21. Paraphrased from one of the reviews: "Putting bioshock in with the FPS genre is an insult, it's way beyond that"
  22. I remember when they announced this as a spiritual successor to system shock 2 and everyone creamed themselves.

    Kickass game.
  23. I didn't think the demo was that great, but from reviews I'll have to buy it.
  24. It has often been FPS games that have pushed the boundaries and redefined what we thought computers could do. Games like Goldeneye and Half Life would have been absolute classics even if they were "just" FPS games, but each brought something very different to the genre that since has become more or less industry standard. That said, my Best Game Ever award goes to either Cannon Fodder or Sensible World of Soccer, both by Sensible Software and both on the Amiga. Never has such enjoyment been had out of such humble hardware.
  25. In what respect? From the videos I've seen you run around dark corridors shooting monsters while injecting yourself with super-power juice: i.e. what's been done dozens of times. Other than some light character leveling what makes it anything other than a generic 10-hour FPS (sans online)?

    Even the very "best" FPSs (e.g. HL, HL2) are still pretty meh/forgettable games in my experience. And games that aren't "really" FPSs but share that interface (e.g. Metroid) are weaker for it.

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