Holy Hell.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ASMS, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. vids like that depress me
  2. I was being sarcastic, but it's an easy matter to clean up film to make it look modern.
  3. Wow...the whole PETA video thing is coming back again...all I have to say to this is...

    People Eating Tasty Animals!
  4. I could never watch that. I'd have no problem killing anyone who does that.
  5. thats #$%#ed up... i have nothing against hunting, but you kill the animal before you skin it...
  6. What about the people who do that to other people (no bullshit) and worse?

    Worrying about animals is all well and good, we should treat all living things with respect, but when people start worrying more about animals than other people, we have a problem. If it were a choice between my family and every last chimpanzee on the planet, well, tough shit for the monkeys.
  7. How does that have anything to do with the topic at hand?

    It's not like they're skinning animals alive to save the lives of people or something. There is not a single reason why anyone should do what the people in that video are doing (or what I'm guessing they're doing from people's comments here, because I just can't watch something like that). It's putting the animals through a shitload of needless pain and making their jobs harder in the process. The people doing this are monsters and need to be punished for it.

    If it ever comes down to saving people or saving animals, obviously people should get the priority. However, saving people has nothing to do with this.
  8. just the first 30 seconds of that made me sick to my stomach
  9. Wow. That is digusting and wrong. This makes me angry.
  10. Watchin him slam that thing on the ground, then him skin that animal alive, if i saw that, i would have no problem whatsoever killing him with my bare hands.

    EDIT: Tried watching it, when the animal stopped moving around while being skinned wasnt so bad, thought it had died, then when i saw all the skin that was off and it started kickin again i couldnt #$%#in watch it.
  11. Holy shit. Who the #$%# video tapes that shit? How could someone just sit there and do that to these animals without going crazy? I only watched like 20 seconds of it and almost killed myself.
  12. I nearly #$%#ing puked my spaghetti out, thats absolutley sick. I cant watch the second one..
  13. I just watched the vid. Yes it's sad and all, but it's a vid made by PETA for #$%#'s sake. God knows where the hell this happened, probobly some shitty third world country so it doesn't even matter. Plus you can never believe PETA's statistics and 'facts'. Also, I would stomp the persons face in if I saw them doing this.
  14. Doesnt matter where it is, and its not like it was a fake video. Those animals dont deserve that
  15. been there done that.
  16. Amen, thats gross, no one can justify that. Those animals have nervous systems too, makes me cringe of what they feel.
  17. Um, no shit that they don't deserve it. I think that my post conveyed that point. I'm not saying that it's fake either, all I'm saying is that the accompanying article is most likely rubbish considering who it's written by. And it DOES matter where this was done because we can't do much about it other that not buy their furs.
  18. Dear God. Thos heartless bastards.
  19. "probobly some shitty third world country so it doesn't even matter."

    Kinda sounded like you didnt care as much since it was in a crap country.
  20. Jesus, did you even finish reading my first post.
  21. Nope its new. Was on the BBC in the UK.
  22. Yes damnit, obviously you care. Did you read what I just posted?
  23. I would skin those men alive and i'm not kidding. I'd step on their throat. I don't care. Thats not right.
  24. No one is talking about the article. Just because PETA is showing the video doesn't make it a "meh, whatever" situation.
  25. I'M talking about the article though. And just because PETA shows it makes it less valid.

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