Holy mother of balls, best garage ever!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by w00t, Oct 23, 2008.

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  2. like lamborghinis and doesn't afraid of anything.
  3. HAHAHA, fantastic.
  4. hey man! mynameas #%$gotand i like lamobrjhiines!
  5. too many lambro's
  6. Video forums you piece of shit <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  7. That's pretty rad.
  9. that is #$%#ing aweosme
  10. That's the best thing since root beer.
  11. is that the best garage ever? no, its really not. it is loud as #$%# though, il give it that
  12. The garage is cool but the cars are meh.
  13. two lambos, nice, but not that impre- HOLY CRAP AWESOME

    guy sure likes his lamborghinis
  14. *stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*stab*
  15. Damn. Talk about being filthy rich and LOVING lambos. The man's living life.
  16. Half way up I thought it would be cool if there was more than that one storey, now that would have been cool.
  17. IIRC, Seinfeld's in NY is like that, but multiple stories and in Manhattan.
  18. No cars in the garage, it's underground shit
    They way the floor open up you think I'm hiding spaceships

    - Ghostface Killah
  19. Yeah I was hoping for a Miura storage
  20. Holy BALLIN!
  21. your dad needs more porsches/to do that
  22. if that lift broke, how would he get those two Lambos out?
  23. our garage is already pretty ballin.

    GT2, 930, usually a new z06, m3, c6, some variety of other 911, boxster, a luxury car or two, etc. A buddy runs a car dealer out of it so theres always some nice cars in there.

    Grill, 11 foot tall x 9 foot wide porsche sign, huge tire rack filled with slicks, Milling machine, Lathe, lift, big air compressor, fridge, couches (including a rolling one I made out of a suburban 3rd row), 60" TV, decent stereo system, etc.


    heres an old pic

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